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Hume & Schumacher Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Hume & Schumacher - Essay Example In this research, philosophy has come to play a very critical role in the understanding of human life. It finds its applicability from simple life questions such as the definition of terms to more complex debates about the ultimate purpose of life as well as what is real and what is vague. One of the greatest philosophers ever seen in history was David Hume (1711-1776). His essays and publications are now used by scholars both in Philosophy and other academic disciplines. The purpose of this paper is to examine his views and arguments from the viewpoint of another great philosopher, Schumacher, E.F (1911-1977). David Hume is regarded as one of the greatest philosophers to have ever lived. His essays, Moral, Political and Literary are recognized as a great contribution to the 18th Century Philosophy and the succeeding years. Similarly, several outstanding philosophers such as Immanuel Kant and Jeremy Bentham have confessed being directly influenced by his works. Similarly, Charles Dar win attested to Hume as a central influence (Hume 34). Hume is honored for having written in probably every branch of Philosopher but more so in the area of human science. Some critics have referred to him as ‘our politics, religion and also our economy’. ... Regarding cause and effect, or causality, he believes that, as all humans do, that there is no event without a cause, and that this conception is inborn, not taught, or induced in to us. Referring to his predecessors, Hume questions what the relationship between cause and effect really means (Guyer 26). By giving real life examples, he concludes that our perception of connecting two events is not based on a close scrutiny but by the closeness of the two events. He states that it is impossible to experience the connection between the two events. We only experience the events themselves but not the actual causing. Therefore, this causal theory is a mere construct in our minds without any absolute foundation on experience. If his view is correct, many scientists, who consider themselves as searching for causes, would need to redefine themselves. Secondly, Hume debates the existence of the self. The ancient example of a ship tied to a harbor where families brought their children to play on the decks rouses a question. After many years of aging, several parts of the ship, and finally, every single chip of the ship are replaced, such that there is nothing left of the original ship. A question rises on the originality of that ship, on whether the sign on the ship should read, â€Å"This is the famous ship which fought many battles†, or â€Å"this is a replica of that ship†. One would conclude that it is the same ship since its identity has remained unchanged over the years. Similarly, Biology teaches that every molecule of the body is replaced after 7 years (Schumacher 19). Yet after those years, we still maintain our identity and even given the different experiences we go through, we

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Pricing Strategy of Coca-Cola Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Pricing Strategy of Coca-Cola - Research Paper Example In this pricing strategy, prices are kept low in order to penetrate more into the target market (Armstrong, Marketing). As a part of this strategy, prices of most of the products that are currently in the market will be lowered by 1-2 units. Furthermore, the quantity of the content can also be increased keeping the price range unchanged. In case of the brands that are about to be introduced, prices will be maintained at the lowest possible range so that competitive advantage can be gained. Prices of those brands that have sufficient market share in most of the major markets can be brought down by 5-10%. However, the price of the sports drinks brand which has been struggling to gain enough popularity would not be made lowered more than 2-3%. Penetration pricing strategy is likely to be more effective in the developing countries like India where people are significantly concerned about the prices of the product. In developed countries, direct cut in price may not work and hence in thes e markets, more features can be added in terms of content and packaging without changing the price. In some cases, prices can be reduced slightly. The main reason behind choosing penetration pricing strategy is increasing the sales by penetrating deeper into the markets. In most of developing countries, the volume of the target market is increasing significantly. Almost everyday a new market is getting created. In order to, gain enough market share in these markets it is very important to keep the price at a lower level for the initial period. The sports drinks sector in the emerging markets is becoming bigger. However, it is dominated by the competitor’s brand. As a result, bringing down the price without the changing the quality is likely to be an appropriate strategy for Coca-Cola. The situation is quite different in the developed markets where consumers have become more health conscious.  

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The King vs The Greatest Essay Example for Free

The King vs The Greatest Essay Sports comes down to competition fans and people love comparing one athlete against another just to see who the public thinks is better. Whether its fantasy comparison of Muhammad Ali vs Mike Tyson or Floyd Mayweather jr vs Manny Pacquiao. In basketball one on one comparisons are made all the time. Magic Johnson vs Larry bird, Kareem Abdul jabber vs bill Russell and there all-time greatest comparison Michael Jordan vs LeBron James. Jordan Consider the greatest basketball player of all time and one of the greatest athletes as well. LeBron on the other hand highly respected and is universally consider the best all athlete in the NBA and maybe the greatest athlete of all time. These two sports giant have always found themselves locked in a battle in seeing who is the best the old vs the new. Michael Jordan â€Å"the greatest† is consider the greatest basketball player of all time. Michael Jordan is was one of the most effectively marketed athletes of his generation and was considered instrumental in popularizing the NBA around the world. As of June 12, 2014 Michael had just became the first billionaire athlete. He increased his stake in his basketball team to 89.5% from 80% in last couple of months. Besides making money from his basketball team (which he owns majority) he still makes an annual earnings at $90 million a year. He’s part of the Nike family which helps with the success of Nike’s Jordan Brand, which is now roughly a $2 billion business worldwide. Michael Jordan skill set and his ability to jump set himself apart from player. When Jordan would jump or dunk some people would say it was like he was flying. Or when he do his signature shot â€Å"the fade way† it was like he was floating in the air. Besides wining 6 rings multiple MVPs the best aspect of Jordan was his ability to close out games. He was cold blooded like an assassin when it came to finishing games and this is why many people consider him to be â€Å"the greatest†. Like Michael Jordan, LeBron James or â€Å"King Jam es† is was one of the most effectively marketed athletes of today. In 2014 he was the highest paid NBA player in league. He was 3rd highest paid athlete in the world at $72.3 million. Only behind Cristiano Ronaldo with $80 million. And Floyd Maywether jr. at $105 million. King James is the NBAs biggest endorsement star, thanks to deals with Nike, McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Upper Deck and  sprite others. Sales of his Nike shoes were tops among active players at $300 million in the U.S. during 2013. James also made millions through his small stake in Beats when it was sold to Apple for $3 billion he made ($30 millions) off the deal. King James has been to 5 NBA finals won2 and lost three On the court LeBron is one of the few NBA players who teams personally foul, because he is so fats and strong he is like freight train players grab him before he get the ball up. LeBron is versatile he can any position 1-4 he’s like half the team himself. LeBron is a monster on the court and off the court and this makes him a threat to the king’s throne. Michael vs LeBron, LeBron vs Michael either way it goes LeBron is gunning for his throne and he knows it. Right know there LeBron James career he has already pretty close Jordan in a lot key stats and 29.With good health will pass Jordan n scoring, rings, rebounds, assist ,all-star games and many more. Will Michael Jordan be able to protect his throne at the top or will he fall to king gunning fast? Who knows who will be the better player â€Å"King James† or â€Å"The Greatest?†

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Natalie Meyers Hidden Heart and Astophils Astohpil and Stella Essay

Natalie Meyers'Hidden Heart and Astophil's Astohpil and Stella Longing to bleed my love into words that stain his heart, That in my wound he take, delight that has no wear: Delight may light a fire, of burning thoughts to start, To fan the flame of pity, would help to spark his care, Desperate to show my sorrow with words equal to art. Searching round the depths for lucid language, fair, The force behind my mind locked round a solid part. Some spry ideas seeped, through my reason with a tear, But whisked into a wind, that twirled them in a haze, And dizzy fog that blurs my head into a stare, Becomes a source of strength to break my callous gaze. Frustration takes a dive, and offers me a dare, A new voice (not my own), calls me from within, Write with your heart not head; and now I can begin. The Spirit to Scribe The desire to express one’s feelings can be a complicated and stressful task. In the free imitation poem, "Hidden Heart," by Natalie Meyers, a young woman expresses the frustration she experiences when trying to write her loved one. Likewise, the first sequence of Sir Philip Sydney’s sonnet, "Astrophil and Stella," explores one man’s struggle to write from his heart and eliminate the yearning to select the perfect words for a letter written to his love, Stella. Both Astrophil and Meyers are distraught over what to say and how to say it. Since "Hidden Heart" is an imitation of Sydney’s sonnet, several parallels can be drawn between their common theme, word choice, and form. The "Hidden Hearts" theme of free expression, its diction, and structure, must be compared and contrasted with intertextual references from "Astrophil and Stella," in order to effectively analyze it. Throughout the poem, Natalie ... ...each a resolution by the end of the poem. Both meter and rhyme are very essential in building a solid, yet fluid structure to each poem. "Hidden Heart" mirrors "Astrophil and Stella" in many ways, but contains several unique qualities as well. Natalie’s account was based on personal experience, where Astrophil is a character creation of Sir Philip Sydney. The similarities and differences of the theme, diction, and structure helped enrich both poems without cheapening them. Overall, both stressed the importance of writing with one’s heart to convey true emotion instead of agonizing over the literary quality of a personal letter. Also, the stylistic aspects of each poem carefully wove in a tone that contributed to their personality. With all of these attributes combine, Natalie and Sydney demonstrate the value found in linking two poems together through imitation.

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My Personal Learning Styles

My Personal Learning Style Learning has been going on since the beginning of human kind and is still going on in today’s world. While in the beginning they did not study how they learned they still accomplished many things. Now we study how we learn so that we can hopefully learn more efficiently to accomplish things beyond our wildest dreams. Today I took to learning style quizzes in hopes of learning more about my personal learning styles so that I may improve myself. Today in this essay we will explore learning styles that equate with a preferred bodily sense through which one receives information.The three that are the most popular and explored are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Gaining knowledge about things that connect to the real world that we walk in everyday is of great interest to me. In saying that, I chose to pursue a degree in Public Health, because it something I see every day and became very intrigued by. My chose to obtain a degree also came out of wanting to better myself and the people around me. A very important reason that I wanted to acquire my degree is so that I could be more financially capable to providing a comfortable life for my family.Finishing a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health would also give me a great deal of pride in myself. The two quizzes that I took today were the Felder and Soloman Quiz and the Learning Styles Quiz. They both gave me some good insight to how I learn and suggestions to help me learn more efficiently in any leaning environment. The results from the Felder and Soloman quiz showed me that I was reflective, sensing, verbal, and sequential which seemed to very accurate (Felder & Soloman, n. d. ). As a reflective learner I prefer to think it through quietly, working alone, and taking notes while listening to lectures (Felder & Soloman, n. . ). Being a Sensor tells me that I tend to enjoy learning about facts to the real world, solving problems with well-established methods, and I am patient wi th details (Felder & Soloman, n. d. ). Verbal learning is something I have always enjoyed I just get more out of words–written and spoken explanations (Felder & Soloman, n. d. ). Writing out or seeing steps in my head while trying to process information points to sequential learning where the learner tends to follow logical stepwise paths in finding solutions (Felder & Soloman, n. d. ).The learning styles quiz focused on visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning styles which made it very straight forward. After taking this quiz the results showed me to be more of an auditory learner with sixty-four percent. As far as visual and kinesthetic learning both of the percentages were at eighteen percent so I definitely lean towards one method. As an auditory learner you prefer to learn by listening and often recall the words you've heard in your mind (Penn State, 2010). This quiz brought to my attention that while taking a written test, I am slow because of speaking to myself as you read (Penn State, 2010).The results of the quizzes that I took were very enlightening to me since I was of the belief that I really did not lean towards one learning style. Felder and Solomans’ quiz was the best out of the two that I experienced today because it was so full of information. I especially like that it gives you helpful tips on how to learn better with the learning styles that you have. Taking the quizzes today helped me better understand my learning style which I know will help me down the line while trying to learn anything.Basically what this essay boils down to is everyone has different ways of learning whether it is auditory, sensing or reflective. Knowing how I learn can be a very helpful tool in my success to completely my degree. Taking a quiz to learn about my learning style proved to be very insightful into my tactics taken while studying. In the end knowledge is power and knowing how to pour it into your mind with understanding is priceless. Reference s: http://www. engr. ncsu. edu/learningstyles/ilsweb. html http://www. howtolearn. com/learning-styles-quiz

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Globalization of Korean Popular Culture in Asia - 4150 Words

Globalization of Korean Popular Culture in Asia 1. Introduction Since 1990s, Korean Popular Culture has had a strong influence in Asian countries, including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Singapore. This new popular cultural phenomenon in Asia is called the â€Å"Korean Wave†, also known as hallyu in Korean pronunciation, which refers to the surge of popularity of Korean popular culture abroad, particularly in Asia(Kin 284). The â€Å"Korean Wave† is first coined in mid-1999 by journalists in Beijing who are surprised by the fast growing popularity of Korean entertainment and popular Culture in China(Fiaola 1). Korean Wave certainly brings a big hit to Asian countries, but at the same time, some anti-Korean feelings are aroused as they†¦show more content†¦This, originally, supposed to be the last work of Samsung Entertainment Group and the group will break up afterwards. Shiri, surprisingly, got a big hit from Korea and other Asian countries. Although it costs only about 2% of average budget of Hollywood films, it was popular throughout the world. As Diffrient mentioned, Shiri led to a â€Å"pan-Asian phenomenon† after its releases in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan(42). Later on, films such as Joint Security Area and My Sassy Girl also gave a big hit to Asia, which further spread Korean popular culture to other Asian countries. As a Hollywood reporter said, â€Å"Korea has transformed itself from an embattled cinematic backwater into the hottest film market in Asia†(Segers 14). Korean TV dramas also floods the daily programming of free-to-air TV stations and even become part of the routine viewing habits of their respective audiences(Beng 2). Starting with What Is Love All About and Stars in My Heart in the late 1990s, and Winter Sonata and Dae Jang Geum in recent years, Korean television drama and its stars such as Bae Yong Jun and Lee Young Ae, have attracted Asian audiences. Korean TV dramas were dubbed into Mandarin in Taiwan in 2004 and into Cantonese in Hong Kong in 2005. It was soon dubbed for broadcasting in China and Japan in 2006. According to the Television Broadcast Limited(TVB), Dae Jang Geum had broke the rating record of Hong Kong TV dramas since 1991, which rated 50 points,Show MoreRelatedSouth Asian Popular Culture : A Cultural Phenomenon, And A Sphere Of Capitalist Activities892 Words   |  4 Pagesamount of cultural products such as television dramas, movies, animations and pop music have gained immense popularity among Asian countries, especially in Mainland China since the Chinese economic reform in the early 1980s.   E Popular culture is often referred to as a ‘mass culture’, ‘a cultural phenomenon’ and ‘a sphere of capitalist activities’ (Fung, 2007; Chua, 2007), with the capacity to transcend national boundaries and delimitate political tensions. Before China opened up its economy, the countryRead MoreThe Effects of Globalization on Cambodia Essay888 Words   |  4 PagesGlobalization is defined as the act of creating connections between countries across the globe in terms of culture and economy. Almost on every part of the world, citizens have become a part of the global village. Even though various researches stated that there are negative effects of globalization for particular reasons, the positive impacts were clearly shown to be stronger especially in developing countries such as Cambodia. To begin with, tourist travel is one of the main negative impacts ofRead MoreThe s Concept Of Cultural Odor And Fragrance And Girls Generation, And Nicki Minaj1281 Words   |  6 Pagesthe process of globalization, they are represented in different contexts in terms of time and place. Also, feminine sexualities are depicted in different theme in regard with the level of cultural adaptation, appropriation, or subversion in the process of globalization. Koichi Iwabuchi’s concept of cultural odor and fragrance and Sun Jung’s concept of transculturality as hybridity help understand the similar but different aspects in each music video. Before thriving the globalization, the Kim Sister’sRead MorePopular Music or K-Pop in South Korea1272 Words   |  5 PagesSouth Korean popular music (shortly known as K-Pop) and its music videos are a worldwide phenomenon that effectively disseminates the Korean culture in different parts of the world. So, what is a K-Pop? The K-Pop is a musical genre that integrates a variety of music styles, such as hip-hop, RB, jazz, rap, and etc. In addition, K-Pop music video is an audiovisual element that consists not only the variety of musical styles, but also the stunning physical attributes of the singers as well. AlmostRead MoreCultural Technology And Its Impact On Western Asia1485 Words   |  6 Pagesother cultural components (Georgiou, 2012).Cultural proximity is related to Confucian which is a common cultural belief in East Asia that had been commonly used as a tool to enhance the consumption various idea including media content in the region. Chua (2004) argument that the co mmonness in Confucian basis to East Asia region culture as having been overtaken by a common popular cultural circulation via the media suggests that cultural proximity is not a major tool any more in determining the consumptionRead MoreCultural Proximity And Cultural Distance1523 Words   |  7 Pagessoared, its media products such as manga, TV shows, movies and music spread out across Asia. Especially, the young people in Asia began to embrace Japanese culture rather than the culture from the most dominant culture exporter- the United State, and this phenomenon was analyzed by Koichi Iwabuchi in his Feel Asian Modernities. His account of this intra-regionalization in Asia is cultural proximity that Japanese culture shares intimate similarities with other Asian countries and appeal to the audienceRead MoreAnalysis Of The Book Golden Arches East By James L. Watson1380 Words   |  6 Pageswhat they do not know is that McDonald’s expanded their success outside of its origi n to over 100 countries around the world. In the novel, Golden Arches East, the author, James L. Watson, focused on the company’s expansion in East Asia and studied how the American culture and traditions of McDonald’s influenced the Asian countries and their people. McDonald’s is involved in the cultural transformations of Beijing, Seoul, and Japan in multiple ways. Watson (2006) described, â€Å"For instance, in 1992 andRead MoreSouth Kore South Korean Industry3414 Words   |  14 Pages Korean Industry Thirin Santiworakun National University Julie Kidder November 17, 2014 South Korean Industry Industry is very important to a country because it is the source that produces the goods and services to satisfy the needs of people. Nowadays the country that looks distinguished in Asia is South Korea because you can see that many high brands are made in Korea. Everybody can create the brand name but the hardest thing is how to make people recognize that brand and how to breakRead MoreSouth Korea Into A 21st Century Pop Culture Powerhouse2038 Words   |  9 Pages While our current textbook focuses on the creation of the English language within Europe, there are few details given about its more recent spread throughout Asia. This essay will briefly explore Korea’s first interaction with the English language, and how its influence ultimately revolutionized South Korea into a 21st century pop-culture powerhouse that utilizes English loanwords. In order to understand the development of the English language in Korea, a general background on the development ofRead MoreWestern Culture And Its Influence On Asian Culture2257 Words   |  10 PagesGlobalization is characterized by integration of economies, political and social aspects among nations. With the world increasingly becoming a global village, borders have been broken down such that nations can freely collaborate or influence each other. Western nations have greatly influenced other nations, particularly U.S. and U.K. are very influential because of their superior economic, social and political systems. Even close knit societies in East Asia have been influenced by the Western culture

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Mental Health And Health Care - 974 Words

Summary Mental health illnesses are just as serious to address as any other disease, and with this Amid Crisis, Senate Bill Seeks Boost Access to Mental Health Care outlines the recent legislation that is being drafted in order to improve Mental Health Care services. Through The Mental Health Reform Act, various measures would be in place to address the growing Mental Health Care concern. The bill would, â€Å"update state funding, improve mental health practices, and increase access to mental health care† (Bowman Lesniewski). Senator Lamar Alexander and Patty Murray, who are figureheads in the Senate Health Committee, proposed the bill, and thus are working to get it finalized before presentation (Bowman Lesniewski). The article furthermore discussed some important figures, such as the fact that one in five Americans have a mental health illness, and more than half of those are not given proper care (Bowman Lesniewski). Through the addition of this bill, a chief medical officer would be placed at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, an â€Å"inter-departmental committee to coordinate services relating to serious mental illnesses† would be started, and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline would be available at all times (Bowman Lesniewski). However, this is just a few parts of what the bill would aim to improve, as there is a clear need for other improvements in the Mental Healthcare System in America. Lastly, it was noted in the articleShow MoreRelatedMental Health And Health Care1213 Words   |  5 Pages1) Mental health treatment has seen substantial improvements within the developed world. However, mental health patients continue to experience difficulties receiving mental health care as opposed to physical health care. There are many barriers to receiving mental health services in the developed world even with the advances in technology and treatment seen in medical treatment. When compared with physical h ealth care services, mental health services delivery continue to face issues (Andrade etRead MoreMental Health And Health Care3259 Words   |  14 PagesMental Health Services in Rural Canada When looking at the rural areas of Canada, there is one particular area of health care that appears to be lacking – mental health care services. This can have many serious implications on the communities in which are being underserved, as well for the nurses and health care professionals providing the care for those with mental illness. Approximately 99.8 percent of Canada is considered to be a rural area (World Health Organization, 2009). Within this, thereRead MoreMental Health And Health Care842 Words   |  4 PagesMental health providers utilizes many forms of research from the interventions that they use to provide care to their clients all the way to the assessment’s that they use to gauge the level of satisfaction of their clients with their services and how effective their services are in regards to their overall mental health wellness. Pennsylvania Mentor’s Lehigh Valley location provides Intensive Case Management (ICM) / Resource Coordination (RC) service, Family Based Mental Health Services and CertifiedRead MoreMental Health And Health Care3541 Words   |  15 PagesMental illness affects one in four people at some stage in their life. It is estimated that at any one time, there are 450 million people experiencing a mental illness, most of whom live in developing countries. About 25% of patients using primary health care services in developing countries suffer from a mental illness. â€Å"Despite the substantial burden of disease and the availability of effective and affordable treatments, mental health care remains a neglected issue, especially in developing countries†Read MoreEssay On Mental Health Care1221 Words   |  5 PagesSoumerai, S. B., Mclaughlin, T. J., Ross-Degnan, D., Casteris, C. S., Bollini, P. (1994). Effects of Limiting Medicaid Drug-Reimbursement Benefits on the Use of Psychot ropic Agents and Acute Mental Health Services by Patients with Schizophrenia. New England Journal of Medicine,331(10), 650-655. doi:10.1056/nejm199409083311006 This study provides information on two Medicaid claims the first one was at psychiatric hospital in New Hampshire where Medicaid had a three-prescription limit over the 11-monthRead MoreA Brief Note On Mental Health And Health Care762 Words   |  4 Pages 4. Reasons for Treatment Gap Barriers to mental health care, which increase the treatment gap, are originated both at the governmental and the individual level (Kohn 2013). Barriers to care at the individual level result from the individual’s attitudes, false beliefs about mental illness, stigmatization, and lack of compliance with medicines. Andrade et al., (2014), using data are from the WHO World Mental Health (WMH) Surveys found that for among those with a DSM-IV disorder in the past twelveRead MoreMental Health Care Of Indonesia1383 Words   |  6 PagesNations Project: Rough Draft Katie Metro February 9, 2015 Mental Health Care in Indonesia It ruined my dignity or whatever shred of humanity I had left, says Anto Sg, of his experience with Indonesian mental health care. He was repeatedly chained while undergoing medical treatment in East Java at various medical centers. Anto notes that what he really needed was a psychiatrist and counseling, but instead he was shackled for months. He also says that his family believed he was insane and onlyRead MoreMental Health Care Analysis1485 Words   |  6 PagesFirstly, the analysis will address the standard of mental health care across each category of prison individually, discussing good examples of mental health support, but also, where there are failures. With this, there is a visual map of how the data was categorised. The analysis will then thematically explore the range of recommendations from every prison category to create an overarching conclusion of standards in reference to general failures across the prison system, the impact this has on currentRead MoreThe Issue O f Mental Health Care1211 Words   |  5 Pages2016, Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton released an ambitious plan for addressing the issue of mental health care in the United States1. This plan echoes numerous bipartisan bills that have been produced in Congress over the past several years and seems to be one of the few issues that both sides of the aisle can agree on.2 Earlier this year, a bill providing additional support to mental health care was passed in the House with a 422-22 vote3, so it is now up to the Senate to pass its own reformRead MoreVeterans and mental health care965 Words   |  4 Pages Take care of Veterans I believe that it is the best interest of veterans, whom have served the military in any capacity to be afforded not just medication, but also some form of counseling. Being a veteran myself I have experienced: over medicating by the government, not receiving any form of counseling, and when I was given an appointment it was six months from the day that it was scheduled. When I was Honorably Discharged from the military I was not afforded any form of mental counseling