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Regulations and Policies in Europe Essay

How does it fit within the ideas of Hayek and Keynes? Use the stagflation of the 70s as an example. The post–World War II the postwar economic boom, also known as economic expansion, the long boom, and the Golden Age of Capitalism, and the Age of Keynes in western countries after the end of World War II in 1945. It was a high worldwide economic growth in Western European that had been devastated by the war such as unusually high and sustained growth, together with full employment. By the end of World War II, much of Europe was devastated. The region’s trade flows had been disrupted. Food shortages were severe in all over the Europe. The 1930’s Great Depression in Europe production had fallen far below even than usual for the entire decade due to failure of market forces to restore demand to normal levels. Hence, the biggest panic after WWII was the return of the Great Depression during 30s. After the war, the major powers were determined not to repeat the mistakes of the Great Depression. Governments might have been slow to dismantle wartime allocation controls, and so have severely constrained the market mechanism. However, Politicians were predisposed toward intervention and regulation, their principle was: no matter how damaging â€Å"government failure† might be to the economy, it had to be better than the â€Å"market failure† of the Depression. After WWII, the slightest regulations and policies are derived from The Keynesian Economy. Keynesian economists claim that the boom was caused by the adoption of Keynesian economic policies, particularly government spending. The basic idea of Keynesian thinking was to have pure free market policies rather than the mixed economy which require a significant role for government intervention. Efforts against Keynesianism took place on three fronts – in the academic world, in politics, and in the wider world of business and public opinion. In Keynes’s theory, in contrast to the previously accepted view, an economic depression might continue indefinitely unless government spending, financed by a budget deficit, were increased sufficiently. In 1948 the Marshall Plan was implemented to rebuild and modernize Western Europe. The Coal and Steel Community had which was to become the European Union lately. The Marshall Plan (officially the European Recovery Program, ERP) was a program occurred in United States to aid Europe as the US. gives monetary support to help rebuild European economies after the end of WWII in order to have a force over Soviet communism. The plan was for four years. The goals of the Marshall Plan were to remove trade barriers, modernize industry, and provide Europe to be strong again. Plan pumped over $12 billion to rebuild and modernize Western Europe. Keynesian economics period also accepted as financial repression. With these Keynesian policies such as low nominal interest rates and low or negative real interest rates and government policy, especially the US and UK both dealt with their existing government debt level from Great Depression and World War II and reduce the level of debt in the debt service without needing to direct a high portion of government spending. All of the success was coming from free market economies. After the death of President Roosevelt, a conservative control of Congress took place and try to turn the policies into Libertarian policies by rejecting numerous Keynesian initiatives, dropped many price controls, and instead cut taxes sharply. These libertarian policies are believed to have been stimulated the economy and created near full employment. During the whole period, especially Hayek was against Keynes at some points. He and a group occurred from other journalists and intellectuals had planned to displace Keynesianism and other collectivist influences. Hayek complained about economists to refuse to allow his work to be questioned after his death, it almost became a tabu. According to Friedrich von Hayek, the development of welfare socialism after World War II undermined freedom and would lead western democracies inexorably to some form of state-run serfdom so that socialism was also affecting Europe negatively. For the institutions Bretton Woods system was used after WWII until 1970s. The Bretton Woods system was history’s first example of a fully negotiated monetary order. It is an international regime which was designed to combine binding legal obligations with multilateral decision-making, which is conducted through an international organization, like the IMF, endowing money with some limited supranational authority. In 1971, The Bretton Woods system collapsed due to President Richard Nixon’s severed the link between the dollar and gold. Another policy which is used after WWII was Military Keynesianism, which sighted to devote a large amount of money spending to the military to increase the economical growth of the countries.

Life of a Slave Girl Essay

Harriet A. Jacobs Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl is an autobiography written under the name of Linda Brent. This autobiography is a detailed account of her life or lack thereof. I use the term lack thereof because Harriet Jacobs was raised by her grandmother due to her mother dying at a young age. Harriet was taught to read and write as a young slave girl by her mistress. Harriet’s grandmother was a well-respected older slave woman who gained her freedom in the last will and testament of her mistress. Jacobs is determined not to be raped or surrender all her rights to anyone. Jacobs didn’t know she was a slave until she was almost a teenager. Her mother had passed away and the sad reality of her life as a slave sunk in. Harriet was raised to possess great moral character and virtue. During this time in history black women were â€Å"slaves of a slave† (Beal p.13).Frances Beal made that observation due to black women being subservient and degraded by their slave owners and their black men. Not all slave owners allowed their slaves to marry. With that in mind black women often were used and misused by their own race and their masters. Jacobs displays great determination to remain true to chastity despite constant stalking and demeaning remarks by Dr. Flint. In 1842 Harriet Jacobs escapes to freedom, this was at a great price she gave herself willing to the unmarried lawyer next door and bore him two children. Jacobs hid in a 3foot crawl space at her grandmother’s home for seven years. There was no light or room for her to stand up in that small space. Mice and insects crawled on her body and she hid there to avoid Dr. Flint. Jacobs’s story is a testament to what determination and a strong will can produce. Jacobs’s construction of black female empowerment was openly displayed throughout her story. She did not allow intimidation to prohibit her from believing in the hope that she was more than a slave. Harriet displayed this attitude in all that she did she stayed one step ahead of Dr. Flint. To talk of the brutality that was perpetrated by slave owners on slave girls and women was taboo. Not only was it taboo but it was also unheard of. Harriet Jacobs was given a strong will and mind by God. She added to what God gave her by taking the advice of her grandmother. During this time in history black women were raped, molested, tortured, degraded and exploited economically. Black women worked on plantations picking cotton, cooking and cleaning their homes and nursing the mistress babies while most times their children were neglected. There was no possible way you had a right because you were property and property can’t own property (Jacobs). Dr. Flint told Harriet she was made for his use, made to obey his command in everything; that she was nothing but a slave, whose will must and should surrender to his (Jacobs). Harriet would not accept those words. Harriet would not accept that sentence he pronounced on her life. Jacobs knew she had a brain and could think for herself and despite what society had dictated to her race and to black women she would help to free other black women. The United States grew on the backs of slaves male and female. Yes our men suffered great injustices. However, our black women suffered also. There is yet a debate for some as to who suffered the most during slavery. I will say this as a people we have suffered tremendously. There are no words that can replace the separation of families. The loss of parents and children who would die trying to purchase a child that God had allowed them to birth. If you birth a child isn’t that child yours? According to slave rules and regulations slaves were nothing and if a slave girl gave birth to a child that was the master’s she could not tell a soul. Not even the black man who she tried to make believe that he fathered the child. If the slave told that the child was the master’s she could be killed, sold or imprisoned (Jacobs). Certain black men are maintaining that they have been castrated by society but that black women somehow escaped this persecution and even contributed to this emasculation. The black woman had no protector and was used and in some cases, as the scapegoat for the evils this horrendous system has perpetrated on black men (Rubenstein). This statement rings true now as we look at the single parent homes of today. Today black women are yet subverting societal convention. We are yet rising above our current economic and socioeconomic status. In spite of great disadvantages and struggles black women are innovators. The black woman’s physical image has been distorted for societies view. We were called ‘mammies† From slavery through the Jim Crow era, the mammy image served the political, social, and economic interests of mainstream white America. During slavery, the mammy caricature was posted as proof that blacks — in this case, black women — were contented, even happy, as slaves. Her wide grin, hearty laugher, and loyal servitude were offered as evidence of the supposed humanity of the institution of slavery (Ferris). The mammy caricature was deliberately constructed to suggest ugliness. Mammy was portrayed as dark-skinned; often pitch black, in a society that regarded black skin as ugly, tainted. She was obese, sometimes morbidly overweight. Moreover, she was often portrayed as old, or at least middle-aged. The attempt was to desexualize mammy. The implicit assumption was this: No reasonable white man would choose a fat, elderly black woman instead of the idealized white woman. The black mammy was portrayed as lacking all sexual and sensual qualities (Ferris). This was a well calculated plan executed by the white slave owners. This was done to provide a false sense of security to the white woman. Mammy was some bogus reassurance that their ideal life style was not in danger of being destroyed. Harriet was able to expose this injustice through her writings. Jacobs’s writings were shared with whites and blacks. Exposing the dark pit of slavery and his secrets is what Harriet Jacobs and several other noteworthy African American literary abolitionists did. Their writing was productive and powerful. Their writings provided hope to other black people who dared to even dream of freedom. African American women suffered hardships of oppression and yet while being oppressed and depressed black women were inspired to write. They were compelled to share their story with others. Although, the recollection of the events that shaped their lives was not pleasant memories; they knew they could not remain silent. They knew that they had to tell the story in hopes and saving their race. My people perish for a lack of knowledge (Hosea 4).Knowledge of what was exactly going on in the deep dark south would hopefully and eventually save lives. Spreading the truth about slavery would expedite freedom for the black race. During slavery it was also believed that black slave girls were promiscuous this undoubtedly was another untruth placed upon the black race. However, this untruth was widely used as an excuse to sexually exploit the black female. This is what was used as the carte blanche to allow more evils upon the black slave girl. Black women continued to be oppressed for many years because society would not see black women as citizens. The de-eroticism of mammy meant that the white wife — and by extension, the white family was safe. The sexual exploitation of black women by white

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The Importance of Time in Virginia Woolf’s Mrs.Dalloway

Modern English novel Theme: â€Å"The importance of time in Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway† As human beings, we are unique in our awareness of death. â€Å"We know that we will die, and that knowledge invades our consciousness†¦it will not let us rest until we have found ways, through rituals and stories, theologies and philosophies, either to make sense of death, or, failing that, to make sense of ourselves in the face of death. † Attaching significance to life events is a human reaction to the sense of â€Å"meaninglessness† in the world.Fearing our ultimate annihilation, we form belief systems to reassure us in the face of death. Religion provides us with elaborate rituals at times of death and faith assists believers in mourning and coping with the loss of loved ones. So without a religious foundation, where does one find solace in the face of so much pain? This is the struggle for Virginia Woolf, a self-proclaimed atheist whose life was shadowed by death from an early age. In the years between 18953 (when she was thirteen) and 1904 she lost her mother, her sister, and her father.Less than a decade later, Europe was consumed by war, and public mourning became a part of her life. â€Å"Grieving started very early in Virginia’s life, which might be one reason why her writing offers us such a forceful riposte that it should, or could, be brought to an end. † Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic theories profoundly changed the way we think about the mind and its subconscious workings. His work greatly influenced the way people understood mental illness and other social deviations. This is especially true during the time that Virginia Woolf was writing these novels, when his books were widely read.In Civilization and Its Discontents, Freud presents the struggle between Eros (the drive for erotic love) and Thanatos (the appetite for death) as the forces that dominate human decision-making and action. He feared that without healthy outlets for our own sexual appetites, humanity would fall to war and violence, as Thanatos wins the battle. Virginia Woolf is a perfect example of how this struggle exists in the human psyche. Her early sexual invasions damaged her sexual drive later in life. She was often cold towards her husband, unable to feel any passion for him.Her desire for death, then, may have been stronger, which would explain her preoccupation with it. Attempting suicide twice, and finally succeeding in 1941, Woolf was acutely aware of the shadow in her life. She, like Septimus the poet in Mrs. Dalloway, condemned herself to death. Responses to death are an important theme in Woolf’s literature. Mourning is a natural and necessary reaction to loss. In our minds, we must put the dead to rest, even if they still exist in our memories. Freud had much to say about this subject in Mourning and Melancholia.He wrote that it might be a response to losing a loved one, as experienced by the c haracters in these novels. It may also be a response to a threatened ideal (country, freedom, family) that may be experienced in time of war. We must, therefore, take into account that Woolf, at the time of writing these two novels, had lived through one World War. After World War I there was much sorrow in Europe. Public mourning, as mentioned, is done on a larger scale, and includes despair, overall uncertainty, and confusion.The Great War had shaken the world, leaving the survivors confused and uncertain as to how to heal the wounds and mourn for so many losses. Writing in the 1920s, Woolf was keenly aware of the mood in Europe, time for public mourning had now passed, and life continued, though radically and forever altered. The war had great impact on her writing, and on her vision of the world. â€Å"The war had taught him [Smith]. It was sublime. He had gone through the whole show, friendship, European War, death†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Death was an ever present shadow in Woolfâ€℠¢s life, but insight could illuminate aspects of life that would have otherwise been overlooked.Without religious security, the author (like the rest of us) struggled to deal with loss. Main part With the publication of  Mrs. Dalloway  (Woolf, 1996) in 1925, the modernist writer and critic Virginia Woolf released one of her most celebrated novels upon the literary world. Examining ‘an ordinary mind on an ordinary day’ (Woolf, 1948, p 189) Woolf explores the fragmentary self through ‘streams of consciousness’, whereby interior monologues are used to tell the story through the minds of the principal characters. Told through the medium of mniscient narration, this story about two people who never meet has no resolution and the characters remain where they started, locked in their own heads, in a constant state of flux. As a contemporary study of post-war Britain, however,  Mrs Dalloway  mirrors the fragmentation that was taking place within her own cul ture and society, and provides a â€Å"delicate rendering of those aspects of consciousness in which she felt that the truth of human experience really lay. † A number of themes and motifs are explored, but this essay will consider the representation of time within the novel.For Woolf, time is a device with which she not only sets the pace of the novel, but with which she also controls her characters, setting and plot. It is also used to question ‘reality’ and the effect of that on the individual characters within the story as they journey through their day. As these different modes are uncovered, psychological time will be revealed and its impact on the main characters of Clarissa Dalloway and Septimus Warren Smith will be examined. Although Woolf has rejected the linear narrative favoured by her precursors, in what she described as a queer yet masterful design, she does achieve a certain linearity.The thoughts and memories of Clarissa Dalloway, despite darting backwards and forwards through time, move towards a definite point in the future – her party. Septimus Warren Smith, on the other hand, is stuck in a time loop, living in a past that he cannot escape until the moment of his death. Mrs Dalloway  bears the hallmarks of a modernist text with its striking and experimental use of form and language. Woolf accelerates and decelerates time by way of the thoughts and emotions of her characters.The speed at which individual paragraphs move convey the emotional response of the character to the situation; when time slows, the sentences are long and languorous, but when the mood changes the sentences shrink to short declarative ones. The kinetic mode is the tempo or speed at which the character experiences a situation and the opening of  Mrs Dalloway  demonstrates how Woolf accelerates time to a fever pitch to convey the energy and restless vitality of the two Clarissa’s: Mrs Dalloway said she would buy the flowers herself.Fo r Lucy had her work cut out for her. The doors would be taken off their hinges; Rumpelmayer’s men were coming. And then, thought Clarissa Dalloway, what a morning – fresh as if issued to children on a beach. What a lark! What a plunge! For so it had always seemed to her when, with a little squeak of the hinges, which she could hear now, she had burst open the French windows and plunged at Bourton into the open air.How fresh, how calm, stiller than this of couse, the air was in the early morning; like the flap of a wave; the kiss of a wave; chill and sharp and yet (for a girl of eighteen as she was then) solemn, feeling as she did, standing there at the open window, that something awful was about to happen†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Mrs Dalloway  is set on a single day in the middle of June, 1923, in London’s West End. The time and place are fragmented by Woolf repeatedly plunging her heroine back in time to the summer at Bourton when she was a girl of 18. Hermione Lee cont ends that â€Å"the past is not in contrast with the present but involved with it†.This passage sets the scene for the dual themes of liberation and loss which are outworked through Clarissa’s rites of passage. Woolf cleverly parallels two important times of Clarissa’s life – her entry into womanhood and her descent into middle age – and establishes a link between chronological time and time of life: In the space of half a page, Woolf sets the scene for her two landscapes – a country house in late Victorian England, and a town house in Georgian Westminster. The late 1880s, when Clarissa was a girl of 18, was â€Å"a time of serenity and security, the age of house parties and long weekends in the country†.The Industrial Revolution had, by this time, transformed the social landscape, and capitalists and manufacturers had amassed great fortunes, shifting money and power to the middle classes. Social class no longer depended upon heritage ; indeed Clarissa’s own social heritage is never clearly defined. Born into an age of reform – Gladstone had passed the Married Woman’s Property Act and Engels had just published the second volume of Marx’s  Das Kapital  Ã¢â‚¬â€œ at 18, Clarissa has an enquiring mind, and despite her apparent naivety, she is questioning and absorbs the different thoughts and ideas that mark the age.Despite her naivety, the eighteen-year-old Clarissa is a vibrant young woman who is full of fun. She loves poetry and has aspirations of falling in love with a man who will value her for the opinions imbued in her by Sally Seton. Her bursting open the French windows and plunging at Bourton is a metaphor for her rite of passage from girlhood to womanhood, and she embraces the change, despite â€Å"feeling†¦that something awful was about to happen. †Ã‚   Life at Bourton was sheltered and Clarissa was protected from the decay of Victorian values; the boundaries set by her father and aging aunt, far from being restricting, allowed her a sense of freedom.Bourton and her youth therefore represent a time of liberation for Clarissa. The present mode of time is one of uncertainty, where Clarissa’s understanding of ’reality’ has been fragmented by the first world war, and where Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin – under whom her husband, Richard, serves – has been in power for just three weeks; the third British Prime Minister in a year. At 52 years old, Clarissa’s plunge into middle age is an ironic affair and the reader is given a sense that it is not the lark that she declares it to be but is rather a time for reflecting on the past.Although she still has a questioning mind, she has lost her voice, and this is symbolised by Woolf’s use of interior monologue. Her home in Westminster, where her bed is narrow and â€Å"the sheets†¦tight stretched in a broad white band from side to side† theref ore represents a time of loss. As a young woman Clarissa had been avidly pursued by Peter Walsh whose marriage proposals she rejected on account of his stifling her. Marriage to Richard was meant to have given her some independence, yet the middle-aged Clarissa is like a caged bird, repeatedly depicted as having â€Å"a touch of the bird about her, of the jay, blue-green. This day is significant to her in that it represents her breaking out of that cage, her ‘coming of age’, and by buying the flowers herself she is asserting her independence and re-gaining control of her life. Despite the ordinariness of her day, Clarissa (in contrast to the feeling she experienced as she plunged through the windows at Bourton) feels that something important is about to happen to her and she receives the morning â€Å"fresh as if issued to children on a beach. † The mature Clarissa has become compliant and her spirit and idealism have been tamed, her passion for life and love qu enched.This attitude reflects the spirit of the modernist age where there is a national lack of confidence in God, in government and in authority following the slaughter at the Somme. Clarissa’s party is her opportunity to unmask her real self to the world. However, she wastes the opportunity by indulging in superficial conversation with people who do not matter to her. This suggests that the real Clarissa has been left behind at Bourton; that the young woman plunging through the squeaky French windows, filled with burgeoning hopes for the future, is the real Clarissa Dalloway.The only time we glimpse her as a mature woman is when she briefly speaks with Peter and Sally at her party. The most obvious representation of time in  Mrs Dalloway  is ‘clock time’. Various clocks are present throughout the novel, including Big Ben, St Margaret’s and an unnamed ‘other’ who is always late. How the character experiences clock time†¦is rendered b y Virginia Woolf as a sensory stimulus which may divert the stream of thought, summon memory, or change an emotional mood, as do the chimes of Big Ben and St Margaret’s throughout Mrs Dalloway.Thus clock time is metamorphosed into feeling and enters consciousness as one more aspect of duration. Accurate to within one second per day, its importance in the novel can be in no doubt. It makes its first appearance early on in the novel as Clarissa leaves her Westminster home. Jill Morris asserts that: When Big Ben strikes, those who hear are lifted out of their absorption in daily living to be reminded of this moment out of all the rest. This is demonstrated by Clarissa who, in the middle of ruminating about her life as she waits to cross the road, becomes suddenly aware of: â€Å"a particular hush, or solemnity; an indescribable pause; a suspense†¦before Big Ben strikes. There! Out it boomed. First a warning, musical; then the hour, irrevocable. The leaden circles dissolved in the air. † Not only do we anticipate the sound of Big Ben, but when â€Å"we hear the sound†¦we have a visual picture of it in our imaginations as well†.The musical warning is the ‘Westminster chime’ – originally the ‘Cambridge chime’ – that plays out before the hour ‘irrevocably’ strikes. Composed in 1859 by William Crotch, it is based on a phrase from Handel’s aria â€Å"I know that my Redeemer Liveth†. The irrevocability of the hour refers to the passing of time and its ephemerality. Once an hour has been spent there is no reclaiming it. This is linked with Clarissa’s obsession with death – that each tick of the clock brings her closer to her eventual demise – and foreshadows her relationship with her double, Septimus.Just as Big Ben strikes at significant moments in the book, so St Margaret’s languishes: Ah, said St Margaret’s, like a hostess who comes into her drawing-room on the very stroke of the hour and finds her guests there already. I am not late. No, it is precisely half-past eleven, she says. Yet, though she is perfectly right, her voice, being the voice of the hostess, is reluctant to inflict its individuality. Some grief for the past holds it back; some concern for the present.It is half-past eleven, she says, and the sound of St Margaret’s glides into the recesses of the heart and buries itself in ring after ring of sound, like something alive which wants to confide itself, to disperse itself, to be, with a tremor of delight, at rest – like Clarissa herself†¦It is Clarissa herself, he thought, with a deep emotion, and an extraordinarily clear, yet puzzling, recollection of her, as if this bell had come into the room years ago, where they sat at some moment of great intimacy, and had gone from one to the other and had left, like a bee with honey, laden with the moment.The bells of St Margaret’s â⠂¬â€œ the parish church of the House of Commons – symbolise, to Peter Walsh, Clarissa. At Bourton he had condescendingly prophesied that â€Å"she had the makings of the perfect hostess†, and, indeed, Clarissa spends the entire novel preparing for her party. That evening he observes her â€Å"at her worse – effusive, insincere† as she welcomes her guests. The gulf of time has brought out the worst in Peter and he is still bitter about Clarissa’s rejection of him, despising her life with Richard.These feelings are forgotten, however, once St Margaret’s begins to strike, and he is filled with deep emotion for her. The other clock is unidentifiable, a shambolic stranger following on the heels of the eminent Big Ben and elegant St Margaret’s: †¦The clock which always struck two minutes after Big Ben, came shuffling in with its lap full of odds and ends, which it dumped down as if Big Ben were all very well with his majesty laying dow n the law, so solemn, so just†¦.Woolf wrote of  Mrs Dalloway  that â€Å"the mad part tries me so much, makes my mind squirt so badly that I can hardly face spending the next weeks at it†. One way that she deals with this trial is in her treatment of the late clock. It sounds â€Å"volubly, troublously†¦beaten up† reflecting the state of mind of the neurasthenic Septimus who â€Å"talks aloud, answering people, arguing, laughing, crying, getting very excited†¦Ã¢â‚¬  The ‘otherness’ of this clock defines its strangeness, with its perpetual lateness and shuffling eccentricities being used as a metaphor for insanity, and therefore, for Septimus.Just as Clarissa and Septimus never meet neither do Big Ben and the ‘other’ clock – they are out of synch and their relationship is notable only for the difference between them. As Clarissa Dalloway spends the day preparing for her party, so Septimus Warren Smith spends it prepa ring to die. There are allusions to his impending suicide and time of his death throughout the novel, and even his name – which means ‘seventh’ or ‘seventh time’ – implies that the prophetic relationship between the man and his death is controlled by time.This was now revealed to Septimus; the message hidden in the beauty of words. The secret signal which one generation passes, under disguise, to the next†¦Dante the same†¦ In his insanity, Septimus likens himself to Dante who travelled through the three realms of the dead during Holy Week in the spring of 1300. The seventh (Septimus) circle of ‘the violent’ is divided into three rings, the middle ring being for suicides who have been turned into rough and knotted trees on which the harpies build their nests.His affinity with trees throughout the novel suggests that they have become anthropomorphic to Septimus and he looks forward to the time when he will become one himse lf. Cutting one down is, he considers, equivalent to committing murder, an action that will be judged by God. Septimus’s contemplation of suicide is therefore a consideration of timelessness and eternity. He can condone the taking of his own life because he views it as an opportunity to take control of his destiny, to move into a realm of timelessness where there is no death: A sparrow perched on the railing opposite chirped.Septimus, Septimus, four or five times over and went on drawing its notes out, to sing freshly and piercingly in Greek words how there is no crime and, joined by another sparrow, they sang in voices prolonged and piercing in Greek words, from trees in the meadow of life beyond a river where the dead walk, how there is no death. Septimus’s transition from time to timelessness is finally accomplished when, in a moment of insane panic, he plunges out of his window and onto Mrs Filmer’s railings. For Rezia this symbolises a plunge into widowhood and the beginning of a new time of her life.Woolf understood that the most dramatic way of entering a character’s consciousness is through time, as it is intimately connected with the ‘moment of being’ and the way that the character understands it emotionally. Entering Rezia’s consciousness in this way and rendering time in emotional duration rather than clock time intensifies its impact and heightens the response of the reader. In clock time, the span of that moment of being is measurable in hours, minutes and seconds, but when experienced emotionally the past and future become entwined with the present and make up the ‘now’.It seemed to her as she drank the sweet stuff that she was opening long windows, stepping out into some garden. But where? The clock was striking – one, two, three: how sensible the sound was; compared with all this thumping and whispering; like Septimus himself. She was falling asleep. But the clock went on strik ing, four, five, six, and Mrs Filmer waving her apron (they wouldn’t bring the body in here, would they? ) seemed part of that garden; or a flag. She had once seen a flag slowly rippling out from a mast when she stayed with her aunt at Venice. Men killed in battle were thus saluted, and Septimus had been through the War.Of her memories, most were happy. For Rezia, then, time slows right down at the moment of Septimus’s suicide and it has a dream-like quality that mirrors her shock and grief. The sound of the clock striking six fixes her into the present, but her sedated mind wanders through fragmented images of a garden, a flag she had once seen when on holiday, the War. In her response to grief, real time is suspended, yet she is still aware that Septimus is dead, and she worries that his body might be brought into her bedroom. Instead, it is, figuratively, brought to Mrs Dalloway’s party by the Bradshaws.Clarissa’s response to the news is to imagine how it felt, that moment of being that was Septimus’s death: Always her body went through it, when she was told, first suddenly, of an accident; her dress flamed, her body burnt. He had thrown himself from a window. Up had flashed the ground; through him, blundering, bruising, went the rusty spikes. There he lay with a thud, thud, thud, in his brain, and then a suffocation of blackness. So she saw it. Just as Septimus had imagined himself as Dante travelling through hell, so too does Clarissa have apocalyptic imaginings which are stirred by the news.Her dress flames and her body burns as, in her imagination, she journeys into the eternal flames. The thud that she imagines in Septimus’s brain mirrors the ticking of a clock and measures out his last moments on earth. The image has a profound psychological affect on Clarissa who suddenly recognizes that she is like him – that he is her double. Her moment of epiphany enables her to both appreciate her life and lose the fear of death that has impeded her for so long. As Big Ben strikes for the last time in the book, the identification between Clarissa and Septimus is complete: She felt somehow very like him – the young man who killed himself.She felt glad that he had done it; thrown it away while they went on living. The clock was striking. The leaden circles dissolved in the air. Mrs Dalloway  is an exploration of the human condition through the medium of time. Using a fragmented discourse that reflects the changing society that was post World War 1 Britain, Virginia Woolf involves the past with the present and suggests that time exists in different forms. In the external world it is ordered chronologically and she uses it to portray a vivid impression of London society life in the 1920s.Its passing is marked by the great clocks of Westminster and the leaden circles of Big Ben are a constant reminder to Clarissa of the pulse of life itself. Kinetic time and clock time are therefore inext ricably linked. Perhaps more importantly, however, is the suggestion that time also exists in the internal world as a ‘moment of being’, which Woolf develops through the medium of interior monologue. The principle characters – Clarissa, Peter, Septimus and Rezia – are defined by their response to time, and, as the novel draws to a close, there is an awareness of the past and present converging.This creates an impression in the reader that they are reading a news report or a ‘fly on the wall’ documentary. Conclusion To sum up. Woolf suggests that  time  exists  in  different forms. It exists  in  the  external world, but also—and perhaps more importantly—in  our  internal world. Her description of  the  loud and rushing civilization suggests that we push ahead  in  the  name  of  progress, without fully appreciating  the  moment. Through  the  character  of  Clarissa, Woolf challenges  the  usual definition  of  success.Perhaps we need not leave some magnificent gift behind  in  the  form  of  a building or a concrete art piece. Instead, maybe it is  how  we live our lives and our appreciation for  the  present that are truly more powerful and eternal. The  small gifts we  offer others, like bringing people together through a party, can touch people differently than a monument. Virginia Woolf’s message about  time  should be heeded. Our rush to leave a dramatic mark  in  the  world leads to further destruction. Tension abounds  in  our modern world as we create technology to  increase our efficiency.Our civilization tends to see scientific and monumental achievements as  the  most valid measures  of  an  individual’s success. However,  in  the  process, our communities disintegrate. More and more people complain  of  feeling alienated. The  evidence surrounds us. The  internal  ti me  that allows us to slow down and be  involved with people finds itself dominated by external societal  time. Some might find Clarissa  Dalloway’s gift to  the  world to be trivial. However, we need  individuals with  the  ability to pull people together—people with  the ability to create community where it no longer exists.

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Reconstruction Amendments Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Reconstruction Amendments - Essay Example The reconstruction amendments of the US constitution comprise the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments. The amendments were adopted just after the end of the civil war in the period between 1865 and 1870 according to Franklin (3). The amendments were necessary for the reconstruction of the America’s Southern states. The Thirteenth Amendment was influential in the abolishment of slave trade. The succeeding amendment stipulates privileges, immunities equal protection as well as due process On the other hand, the Fifteenth Amendment gives the right to vote people of all color, race and those previously held in servitude. The fourteenth amendment of the United States constitution was done in 1868 in the month of July. The ratification of the fourteenth Amendment was not accepted by all and it had a lot of contentions (Franklin 11). The southern state legislature was among those that refused the ratification of the amendment. This ratification led to the introduction of the Reconstructio n Acts. The existing states governments were ignored and in return military governments were imposed. This was followed by the establishment of civil governments, hence the ratification. The reason for ratification was significant in several ways which are implied in its clauses. The first clause is the citizenship clause. It is important as it defines citizenship overruling the decision which denied the blacks the right to become citizens of the United States (Collins 13).

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Speaking annhiliation Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Speaking annhiliation - Assignment Example He links the Little Ice age to well known historical events such as retreat of Napoleon from Moscow and the discovery of the new world by the Europeans. The role of crop failure in French revolution cannot be undermined .The book underlines the important relation that humans have with nature. The important thesis of the article is the correlation between man and nature. Man may believe that he has tamed nature to his wishes but he is made aware of the actual situation time and again. Most of the decisions taken by mankind are ruled by the forces of nature. Although many would like to believe that there was not enough technological advancement during that time to fight nature but the article does make one think about the present changes in the environment and the little role humans can play in it. The article provides a sobering thought about the power of nature and how humans have and always will evolve their life along these changes – any effort to control the faces of nature will always come to a

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Health People of 2020 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Health People of 2020 - Essay Example This group also shared four of its greatest disparities with the Hispanic population; drug-induced deaths, cirrhosis deaths, new tuberculosis cases, and deaths from poisoning (Chu, 2004). Potential causes of these health disparities The health disparities are unbalanced and have direct links to the history and current unequal distribution of political, economic, social and the environmental resources. Historically, the acceptance of different groupings in the United States population has frequently been marked by discrimination, disparate treatment, and hostility, providing a solid cause for concern on the health of minorities. The earliest racial and ethnic disparities developed between the original American Indian inhabitants of the continent and the then European colonists. Although the natives split into several racial and ethnic groups for many reasons, the colonialists and their governments employed a logical difference between them and the natives, lumping together of the Alas ka Native and American Indian populations that still finds its value used in government statistics (Koh, 2010). According to Thomas, the requisite importation of slaves from the American colonies of Africa led to a third racial or ethnic group. The definition of this group has changed with time as it is also in other countries, like Brazil and South Africa. The United States detained for several centuries later to a rule of hypodescent, making any African or African American genealogy identifiable as a black.

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Antibiotic Streptomycin Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Antibiotic Streptomycin - Essay Example Streptomycin is classified chemically as an aminoglycosidic antibiotic and some of the other aminoglycosides include kanamycin, neomycin, tobramycin and amikain. In general all aminoglycoside make use of their inhibitory action by blocking protein synthesis in bacteria. Streptomycin kills bacteria by inhibiting protein synthesis by combining irreversibly with the 30S subunit of the70S ribosomes, found typically in prokaryotes. To be more specific, it binds with the S12 protein which is involved in the initiation of protein synthesis. Researchers have found through experiments that streptomycin stops the initiation of protein synthesis by blocking the binding of initiator N-formylmethionine tRNA to the ribosome. Besides, Streptyomycin is also known to stop the normal dissociation of 70S ribosomes into their 50S and 30S subunits. Therefore formation of polysomes is inhibited. Streptomycin action involves distorting the ribosome so that transition from initiation complex (30S-mRNA-tRNA) to chain elongating ribosome is blocked. As a result of this the normal sequence of translation is disrupted and the bacteria is unable to synthesize proteins which is vital for its cell growth and thereby fails to survive. Studies also have shown that the drug also disrupts the cell membrane of susceptible bacteria. Over the years many bacterial species, such as Bacillus subtilis Strain S

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Impact of Culture on International Business Essay - 1

Impact of Culture on International Business - Essay Example However, unfortunately for the President, in the Brazilian language the sign was being used as slang in the country. Here the main mistake that had been noticed by the world as well as the Brazilians was that the leader of a free world had not spent a lot of time in learning, or at least getting accustomed to the customs of the country he was visiting (Walker, Schmitz, and Brake, 2003: 33). However, it is not just the duty of the president of a country to be accustomed or to be well known but also for business executives of any form or organization that tends to expand the business across the borders. Business executives have to be very concerned about the learning in cross communication and cultures of the countries in which they wish to expand their businesses as the customers do happen to get offended by gestures. According to Dean Foster who is the president of a cross cultural business training company, Dean Foster Associates, "It can be very offensive. In some cases, people have lost million-dollar deals". Cultures across the world on the surface may be having just minor differences. However, these are the differences that make major problems. In one case it can be presented by an uncomfortable smile that might be ignored in some cases. However, in business matters this is a gesture that is considered to be very offensive (Bannon & Mattock, 2003: 22). Body language is a part of ever

Google Documents Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Google Documents - Essay Example It eliminates the need to e-mail documents to share with others and it can also be edited online by the shared users of the documents. The secured Google’s server is another great advantage of using the application and storing data without any worry of losing data due to hard disc crash or from virus attack (Electronic Portfolios, 2011). How to do things In order to use Google Documents the user need to have a Google Account. After logging into the system the user will be able to see the documents as show in the figure given below: Figure 1: Google Documents Window (Source: Mackenty, n.d. p. 2) The user will be able to create new documents; new spreadsheets and can also upload files from their own computer to the web database. Google docs are saved with tags which help to sort documents whenever needed by the user. Use of Google Documents Google Docs application can be used by any people ranging from students, coworkers or even for personal use like tracking daily works. Stude nts can use it to work in a collaborative manner for group projects. Teachers can use the application for keeping track of the grades and attendance or any data (Electronic Portfolios, 2011). Coworkers in an organization can use to share documents amongst themselves.

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DOUBLE REPLACEMENT AND REACTION Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

DOUBLE REPLACEMENT AND REACTION - Assignment Example The balanced equation for the reaction is: Ba(OH)2+2HNO3→Ba(NO3)2+2HOH (c)No. The reaction between Copper (II) Sulphate and Zinc Bromide would not complete. This is because Zinc ions in the solution will react with the Sulphate ions to form Zinc Sulphate which is insoluble in nature .The formation of this precipitate then indicates that the whole reaction is not complete. (d)Yes. The reaction between Sodium Carbonate and Hydrochloric acid will complete because the acid in the reaction is a strong acid meaning that it will react to dissociate completely into hydroxyl ions. This then indicates that the reaction is complete. The equation for this reaction is given as: Na2CO3+2HCI→2NaCl+H2CO3 (e)Yes. The reaction between Barium Chloride and Sulphuric acid will complete because the sulphuric acid is a strong acid and hence it will dissociate completely in the solution to form hydroxyl ions. Due to the completeness of this dissociation, the whole reaction is said to be complete. The equation for the reaction is given as:

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The Role of Business in Addressing the Challenge of Unemployment Essay

The Role of Business in Addressing the Challenge of Unemployment - Essay Example Technological Advancements Progress in technology is one major cause of unemployment that the world faces in this century. Most of the things done today are simply done at the click of a button. The emergence of technology has rendered many people unemployable due to the fact that what they used to do manually can now be done faster and more accurately using computer programs developed for the purpose. No single economy would want to remain behind in terms of technology and thus this poses a big challenge to many people today. Computers have literally replaced men thereby rendering man unnecessary in the workplace. This challenge is addressed when businesses diversify into other areas or fields that do not entirely require the use of technology or computer programs. This has given some employees a lifeline to continue in employment. Lack of the Required Skills or Experience Many people especially the young people have been rendered jobless due to the fact that they do not have the skills or experience that is required for their roles. As technology grows, people also need to upgrade themselves to match the technological trends and the competition that has seen many CEOs spend sleepless nights trying to think on how to be better that their competitor. Without proper skills, one ceases to be an asset to a company as one ought to be but a liability. To address this challenge and to bridge the knowledge gap, many companies spend millions of money to train and expose their staff members on the emerging trends.

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Cultural Diversity Essay Example for Free

Cultural Diversity Essay Cultural diversity is a big part of the community I was raised in and apart of today. Many people spend their whole lives surrounded by one race or culture, but I grew up surrounded by many. Having been raised in a society influenced and shared by so many different races, I had very little idea about what or why racism existed in the world. Having never been taught and seeing very little racism growing up I believed benefited me, today and benefited my future. Today being in the Marine Corps I am surrounded by different races and knowing one day my life could rest in their hands I respect them for who they are not what color they are. Martin Luther King once said â€Å"Men hate each other because they fear each other, and they fear each other because they dont know each other, and they dont know each other because they are often separated from each other.† If the rest of the country had been raised in a military lifestyle then I believe racism would be all but extinct in the United States. Sadly racism is not only intertwined with the United States past but also with its present and its future. Racism has been part of the history of the United States, and helped create this country as we know it today. Racism not helped shaped the United States and infiltrated every aspect of American society while showing no signs of decreasing. Many people view racism as an evil minded treatment of one individual to another. This is not a correct assessment though, and would be more easily understood if it was viewed more accurately, an institutional ideology. The reason racism is allowed to subsist because governments and institutions foster and maintain racism. Even when these governments and institutions determine that the practices of a particular group of people are racist, individuals at the top of these hierarchical organizations are hard pressed to bring about change. To understand how racism relates to us in the United States today, one must understand the real definition of racism. â€Å"Racism is the belief that one group of people with a particular biological make up is superior to other groups with a differing biological make up.† So one could infer that the groups deemed superior gain economic and social dominance over the other cultural groups that are deemed inferior, even with the many strides that have been made over decades to mend the situation. An excellent example of a country that has made those strides and still lack racial reconciliation is the United States. From the bus boycotts in the fifties, to the sit-ins and marches in the sixties one could assume that these would be the starting steps to improvement. While the United States was mending the hatred and racism between black and whites another type of racism was creeping its way into American society. Today racism has taken a new face, one that has become multi-coloured and multicultural. To be able for the United States to keep a culturally diverse appeal new legislation and laws are being written against discrimination. Affirmative action has been taken to allow equal opportunity for employment, housing, and even in the military. Television and movies have had to change their format and even some of their characters in order to obtain political correctness. Even with so many fighting for change, there will always be the ancient invisible barriers blocking the few who are looking to main the status quo. Even with so many people trying to seek improvement for this country, it cannot happen unless every individual is working to abolish racism. There is racism in every facet of life no matter who someone hangs out with, or who someone even works for. Being in the Marine Corps I see different races every day, and work with different races every day. Mission accomplishment is the number one goal of the Marine Corps, so when a job needs to get done every one does their part of their job and race is not an issue. That is the way my career has gone so far, so when I read an article about racism in the Marine Corps it shocks me. New websites and social networking sites are being created all the time. A new social network website was created with the logo â€Å"online community for whites by whites†, so it was a social website for only white people. Out of the many number of people who have made a profile there have been about forty personal profile that have listed the military as their occupation. Out of those forty a number of them are wearing their military uniforms in their profile pictures. Even more disturbing a number of the military members have poster racial slurs and racial propaganda. One member states that he hate(s) illegal immigrants with a passion and feel(s) every true red-blooded, white American should do whatever it takes to stop the foreign invasion. While another lists The Turner Diaries, which is a white supremacist novel, as his favourite book. It is important for members of the armed forces to not participate in these types of websites or groups. The first reason not to participate in these organizations is the Pentagon has regulations in affect that prohibit active duty members form participating in extremist groups. The second reason is those racial extremists who serve in the military could be inadvertently training future domestic terrorists, and the United States does not need any more terrorist on her soil. A solution for this problem would be senior military members mentoring their junior service members on the dangers of becoming involved in these organizations. Being in the United States Marine Corp I have many close friends that are from different countries in the world. One of my close friends is from the Philippines, and has a very strong accent when he speaks. Sometimes he gets his words confused and does not make any since when he speaks. Marines tend to point out these faults, not just with him, but with many other Marines that are from different countries and have trouble speaking English. My friend does not believe that his fellow Marines are being racist, but are just having a friendly poke at him. Marines do not mess with only a few Marines, or the Marines from other countries, but every Marine. It is not because we are racist, or are a mean group of people, but picking and jibing on one another is just the way that Marines bond with each other. When my friend says that he is getting picked on, yes it sometimes hurts, but in the end it makes him feel like he is part of the family. If Marines are not being picked on they are usually secluded and out of the Marine Corps family. Racism is wrong and should not be used for any reason, even to bring people together. Racism may start with a good reason, but the final product will fester into an infection that could spread and destroy a family within a short time. Racism is in this world to stay whether people like it or not. Individuals believe that if they spread the word about the dangers and negatives of racism then it will cease to exist, but that is not the truth and will never happen. As long as we humans exist and have emotions, the knowledge of right and wrong, and pride there will be crimes. Whenever a person graduate’s high school as valedictorian or an athlete becomes the fastest man on the planet, stereotypes will follow. Crimes, education, athleticism all turn into a stereotype and stereotypes are a form of racism. Racism is one of the things that drive our great country, and create some of our countries greatest works. Racism is what helped form and mold this country into what it is today. Without racism then this country could be one of a single culture, there would be no freedom to branch out and try new diverse things. The dangers of bringing so many different cultures into one space are there, but I believe the good thing we bring to the table References Vardell, M. (1998). Cultural diversity. Retrieved from Associated press (2009). Congress asked to address racism in military. Retrieved from AllAboutPopularIssues (2011). The History of racism. Retrieved from

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Texting and Driving: More Dangerous Than People Think

Texting and Driving: More Dangerous Than People Think Most people do not consider that texting and driving is in fact more dangerous than drunk driving. The research has proven that texting and driving is very dangerous and there have been studies that have also shown this point. Texting and driving is more threatening than drinking and driving because when people are texting and driving their mind is not on the road and neither are their eyes, but when drunk, the person is still some what aware of their surroundings. When someone texts and drives they are not only putting their life at risk but also everyone elses life who is also on the road. If a person is texting and driving their whole attention is on their phone, they can not concentrate on what is around them. Unlike drunk drivers, who might be aware of their impairment and act accordingly, texting drivers are oblivious to the risk they are taking (Moore). When someone takes the risk of texting and driving they have no idea of what is going on around them while they are driving. Their focus is on their cell phone rather than watching the road. When drinking and driving a persons reaction time is slowed down, but when texting and driving the person does not notice anything that is happening around them; therefore, they have no time to react. If someone is distracted while driving they have a chance of injuring or, even worse, killing someone else. The sender could also be injured or killed.ÂÂ   If they do happen to make it out alive, th ey will have to deal with the consequences and regret that follows. Based on studies done it has been proven that texting and driving is actually more risky than drinking and driving. This study showed, The impaired driver was able to stop his vehicle within four feet of where he stopped while sober. This proves that even though he was legally drunk he still had some control of his vehicle. The second driver tried braking while reading a text. His vehicle stopped 36 feet beyond where he stopped when not distracted. This shows that while texting and driving a driver has little to no control of the vehicle. Next he tried stopping while sending a text and this time he went an extra 319 feet (Vaughan). When someone is on the road and is distracted their mind is elsewhere and they can not be aware of what is happening around them. This study gives people insight on how dangerous texting and driving truly is. People assume that drinking and driving is worse because everyone discusses how dangerous it is. In reality, a driver still has some reaction time wh ile driving drunk, when texting they do not. Texting and driving is hard to stop because people are so to being on their phones all the time that when they get in the car it is hard to stop. David Strayer, who studies cellphones and driving at the University of Utah stated, We may have gotten ourselves into an addiction that we might not be able to get out of' (Hanes). Cellphones have become such a huge part of peoples lives that when they get into a vehicle, they can not seem to put it down. On the road there are way more people who are texting and driving rather than people who drive drunk. It is an everyday thing for a person to text and drive, but it is not as common for a person to be driving drunk all the time. Cellphones have caused people to create habits such as texting and driving which are almost impossible to break. Texting and driving causes tragedies, kills, and ruins peoples lives. Nobody thinks about what could happen if someone texts and drives. When a person gets into a car there is already risks on the roadÂÂ   of being hurt or killed. If you add a text or a phone call, the risks increase, and that means they could be that much closer to ending their life or someone elses. There are so many stories about people who have had a loved one end up dead due to a person who was sending a text. The text can wait, a life is more important than telling someone what you are doing. If someone has to tell someone else something important they can easily pull over somewhere and call. One tragedy that is in the article, Texting and Driving is More Risky than Driving Under the Influence, was an accident involving The sender and her four fellow New York high school cheerleaders slamming head-on into a truck, killing them all (Fumento). The person who decided to send the text was not thinking about what could happen and who she could hurt. The text was not worth her nor her friends lives, now their families have lost the ones they love and the teenagers lives were cut short; all because of a text, that could have waited. Texting and driving should be taken as serious as drinking and driving but it is not. There are serious consequences for drinking and driving but very little laws apply when someone texts and drives. When someone drinks and drives they face getting their license revoked, a huge fine, and even possible jail time. If someone were to text and drive there are really no consequences at all. There are not many states that even have laws regarding texting and driving. When caught texting and driving it was stated that A first offense is merely a $20 fine in California, and $50 for subsequent violations (Fumento). Although, if someone was caught drinking and driving their consequences would be ten times worse. They have a chance to face a couple years of jail time and to pay a huge fine that could be up to a couple $1,000. If laws were put in place for texting and driving it still wouldnt stop. In order to cut down texting and driving police officers would have to enforce the laws. There wou ld also have to be consequences for breaking the law, the same consequences that are given to drunk drivers. If texting and driving were to be cut down so many lives would be saved, and a life saved is one less heartbreak and one less loss. It is hard to face the facts and realize that texting and driving does put peoples lives in danger. Everyone texts and drives but nobody has to face any consequences for it. When somebody texts and drives they put others lives and their own life at risk. It is time to put the phone down, make a change, and stop texting and driving. References Fumento, Michael. Texting and Driving Is More Risky than Driving Under the Influence. Cell Phones and Driving, edited by Roman Espejo, Greenhaven Press, 2015. At Issue. Opposing Viewpoints in Context, Accessed 3 Feb. 2017. Originally published as Texters, Youd Be Better off Driving Drunk, Los Angeles Times, June 2009. Hanes, Stephanie. Texting While Driving Is as Dangerous as Drunk Driving. Distracted Driving, edited by Stefan Kiesbye, Greenhaven Press, 2012. At Issue. Opposing Viewpoints in Context, Accessed 3 Feb. 2017. Originally published as Texting While Driving: The New Drunk Driving, Christian Science Monitor, 5 Nov. 2009. Moore, Charles. Texting While Driving Is More Dangerous than Driving Under the Influence. Cell Phones and Driving, edited by Stefan Kiesbye, Greenhaven Press, 2011. At Issue. Opposing Viewpoints in Context, Accessed 3 Feb. 2017. Originally published as Texting Kills: Cell Phone Use Impairs Drivers More than Alcohol,, 27 July 2009. Texting as dangerous as drinking and driving. Globe Mail [Toronto, Canada], 17 Aug. 2012, p. D8. Opposing Viewpoints in Context, Accessed 3 Feb. 2017.

Business Start Up in Dubai

Business Start Up in Dubai Dubai internet city Introduction Why opt for Dubai Internet city Key Benefits of Dubai Internet City Expense of starting the business in Dubai Industry Potential Quickest developing ICT Regions in the globe Websites used Introduction Dubai Internet City (DIC) is the ICT centre point in the Middle East as well as Northern Africa. From the beginning of the year 2000, DIC was able to effectively create a flourishing biological system for engineering associations and was a kind of the heralds in taking the vision of Dubai for switching into a learning-based market. DIC is a hub to Fortune 500 organizations and MNCs, together with worldwide names, for example, Facebook along with Linkedin, and additionally a percentage of the districts largely dynamic and fruitful engineering SMEs and new companies as of all components of the ICT quality chain. DIC gives access to a far reaching multi-lingual ability group with an assortment of aptitudes and engineering skill. It gives colossal offices including condition of-the-workmanship business locales, a vigorous IT framework, 24-hour protection, retail administrations and lodgings, extended over the business parks interesting and peaceful countryside: an atmosphere that assists ICT organizations create, advance and develop. DIC has observed a strong activity to help and support business visionaries, new companies and SMEs by the production of the In5 advancement centre and First Steps business place. In5 plans to encourage and advance business enterprise and development keeping in mind the end goal to further create the innovation commence biological community in Dubai, giving base, right to use the financing, plus a self-motivated and captivating work space to industrialists. Why opt for Dubai Internet city DIC gives a far reaching biological system, base, and atmosphere for organizations who desire to start their ICT industry in the UAE. DIC presents a one-stop shop agreement, offering Business Partners the option to concentrate on their central actions including organization consolidation, exchange permit, licences to trade and visa administrations. One-Shop Stop Rapid Registration procedure Business integration License to sell Visa provisions Telecom and Internet provisions Data Services Talent administration Fitness, defence and security Services Organizations placed at DIC additionally appreciate an assemblage of free zone advantages together with 100% possession, nonexistence of business and individual income taxes or custom duties, and liberated repatriation of funds and earnings in any exchange notes. Organizations laid down in DIC delight in an atmosphere that draws in distinctive components of the essence chain from Banking and investment, Insurance, IT, lawful to Airways and generosity sectors. Key Benefits of Dubai Internet City 100 % exclusion from individual salary charge (income tax) for a long time i.e. 50 years 100 % exclusion from corporate assessments for a long time i.e. 50 years 100 % overseas proprietorship 100 % repatriation of earnings Metro Ethernet atmosphere Self-motivated universal group Prospects for business collaboration and expansion of economy Prospects for channel and business improvement Communications framework focused around cutting edge innovations Digital voice and quick data services presented at reasonable expenses Websites used

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On November 28th, 1942 a fire broke out in Cocoanut Grove nightclub in Boston. The fire killed approximately 492 people, injuring 166, and impacting numerous others (Cocoanut Grove Fire). This event became known as one of the deadliest nightclub fires of its time. The causes for such a devastating event can be analyzed using utilitarian ethics presented by John Stuart Mill. The decisions made by the owners of the nightclub will be evaluated as being right or wrong based on utilitarian theory. The utilitarian ethics theory in a nutshell basically states that â€Å"the good is the well-being of all, impartially considered (Riley 68).† What is emphasized in utilitarian theory is that the greatest good be produced for the greatest number of people. This brings up the question of what â€Å"good† actually is. Many utilitarian theorists believe there are two kinds of good, intrinsic and instrumental. Intrinsic good is good considered just by itself while all other things are instruments for gaining the intrinsic goods (Schinzinger 55). Mill believes that the only intrinsic good is happiness and thus the emphasis can be rewritten as the greatest happiness produced for the greatest number of people. In other words, happiness is basically the only thing desirable as an end in itself. However, once again we ask the question of what happiness really is. When explaining his utilitarian theory, Mill separates happiness into two types, the higher and the lower (Mill Ch.2 ). Mill defines the higher happiness as being that of humans including such qualities as justice, creativity, morality and nobility. On the other hand, the lower happiness is that which is associated with animals and is purely pleasure based. Using these two types of happiness, Riley c... the owner did not act like Socrates dissatisfied but instead he acted like a fool. In other words, in this case the owner did not act like a smart man with dissatisfaction because of lack of money, but instead he acted like a fool with plenty of money. This fool believes that having more money is the ultimate happiness, when in reality it is only a stepping-stone towards happiness. In the aftermath of the Cocoanut Grove fire, building codes were amended by adding two outward-opening exit doors next to revolving doors, clearly marking exits that could be unlocked from within and keeping every exit unobstructed, requiring sprinklers and emergency lighting. (Boston Fire). However, due to poor decisions and management, the rapid spread of the fire and the intense heat & toxic smoke resulted in the majority of people inside the Grove to never have a chance to escape.

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Jane Eyre :: essays papers

Jane Eyre Jane’s arrival at the Thornfield Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre displays three types of relationships possessing different purposes. These connections are established at Thornfield after Jane becomes a governess and accepts the position at the estate. The first relationship is the one that forms between Mrs.Fairfax, the housekeeper, and Jane. Another relationship that begins upon arrival at Thornfield is the one that Jane possesses with Adele, her pupil. The last and most important relationship that begins is that of Mr. Rochester and herself. These connections contribute to the crucial development of Jane’s persona. The first relationship Jane is susceptible to is the one established between her and Mrs. Fairfax. Jane believes Mrs. Fairfax to be quite generous host because at first Jane has the notion that Mrs.Fairfax is the owner. She then discovers that she is the housekeeper. She feels better knowing that the kind behavior exhibited is not unusual because Mrs.Fairfax is but the housekeeper and not the owner. Jane feels better knowing that she can act more comfortably. Jane feels satisfaction as the housekeeper tells her how content she is now that she has a companion that is worthy to participate in discussion. She believes the other servants can not hold a conversation very well. Mrs. Fairfax’s predictable kindness allows Jane to feel more at ease with her. In a way it can be seen that Mrs.Fairfax serves almost as a mother figure to Jane. Another relationship that I noticed is the unique one that is shared between Adele and Jane. Adele is presented as the spoiled pupil who although quite the fidgety, loquacious child wins a portion of Jane’s heart. The relationship that is formed due to the large amount of time spent together is one that happens not only because of fondness but it is one that is inevitable. The bond begins to take on the appearance of a mother daughter relationship because Jane controls Adele’s actions (or tries) and Adele seems very attached to Jane. The odd relationship that takes shape between Mr.Rochester and Jane is one that becomes serious gradually. It seems to give Jane pleasure that Mr.Rochester believes her to be of intelligence that is peculiar for a schoolgirl. The bluntness that they share in a way shows flirtation between the characters but then the way that Rochester refers to Jane as little friend shows him as a type of father-like portrait. Jane Eyre :: essays papers Jane Eyre Jane’s arrival at the Thornfield Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre displays three types of relationships possessing different purposes. These connections are established at Thornfield after Jane becomes a governess and accepts the position at the estate. The first relationship is the one that forms between Mrs.Fairfax, the housekeeper, and Jane. Another relationship that begins upon arrival at Thornfield is the one that Jane possesses with Adele, her pupil. The last and most important relationship that begins is that of Mr. Rochester and herself. These connections contribute to the crucial development of Jane’s persona. The first relationship Jane is susceptible to is the one established between her and Mrs. Fairfax. Jane believes Mrs. Fairfax to be quite generous host because at first Jane has the notion that Mrs.Fairfax is the owner. She then discovers that she is the housekeeper. She feels better knowing that the kind behavior exhibited is not unusual because Mrs.Fairfax is but the housekeeper and not the owner. Jane feels better knowing that she can act more comfortably. Jane feels satisfaction as the housekeeper tells her how content she is now that she has a companion that is worthy to participate in discussion. She believes the other servants can not hold a conversation very well. Mrs. Fairfax’s predictable kindness allows Jane to feel more at ease with her. In a way it can be seen that Mrs.Fairfax serves almost as a mother figure to Jane. Another relationship that I noticed is the unique one that is shared between Adele and Jane. Adele is presented as the spoiled pupil who although quite the fidgety, loquacious child wins a portion of Jane’s heart. The relationship that is formed due to the large amount of time spent together is one that happens not only because of fondness but it is one that is inevitable. The bond begins to take on the appearance of a mother daughter relationship because Jane controls Adele’s actions (or tries) and Adele seems very attached to Jane. The odd relationship that takes shape between Mr.Rochester and Jane is one that becomes serious gradually. It seems to give Jane pleasure that Mr.Rochester believes her to be of intelligence that is peculiar for a schoolgirl. The bluntness that they share in a way shows flirtation between the characters but then the way that Rochester refers to Jane as little friend shows him as a type of father-like portrait.

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Swiming with giants :: essays research papers

Swimming With Giants My Encounters with Whales, Dolphins, and Seals   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The novel Swimming With Giants, by Anne Collet was an extraordinaire piece of literature about a biologists experience with the animals she loves. It is simply a book that expresses not only the wonder but also the tenderness that encounters with whales and other giants of the sea engender. The story tells of Anne Collet’s experiences as a young girl to a well known biologist.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  When Anne Collet was a child she had her first encounter with the sea, as many young children do, by going on vacations with her family. From that point on she knew it was what she would want to do with her life. She went to college at a university in Brest and enrolled into the department of marine biology. This is where she began to study the sea and all its creatures in it. In 1973 Anne had her first Dolphin encounter and from then on became infatuated with the â€Å"Giants† of the sea. Her passion was for Dolphins and Whales. Collet became, and is today, the founder and director of the Center for Research on Marine Mammals in La Rochelle. She has been a Biologist for the past twenty years and has enjoyed every second of it. In her books she speaks with vivid intensity of her encounters with whales, dolphins and seals throughout the world’s oceans. She conveys the thrilling aspects of her work with marine mammals, from the sublime gaze of a whale’s eye to the race to save animals harmed by drift nets or toxic spills. Like the teenagers she regularly takes on her voyages, the reader will not only learn about such things as whale evolution and the unusual sensitivity of dolphins’ skin, but will experience her passion for the ocean, respect for its creatures, and heartfelt concern about â€Å"scorched sea† policy of over fishing, trawl fishing and pollution.

An analysis of sigmund freuds level of consciousness Essay

Sigmund Freud, born in 1856, was an Austrian neurologist and physiologist. Today, Freud is known as â€Å"one of the most influential and authoritative thinkers of the twentieth century†(Berger). Throughout his lifetime, which had ended in September of 1939, Freud had many theories, however, his most well known as the â€Å"psychoanalytic theory of personality development,† which argued that the human psyche is divided into three parts: the id, the ego, and the superego. In the novel Lord of the Flies, many readers believed that the author, William Goldberg, applied Freud’s theory to the characters in the book. Based off of Sigmund Freud’s â€Å"psychoanalytic theory of personality development,† Jack Merridew was the id in the story, while Piggy was the superego, and Ralph was the ego. According to Freud’s theory, the id relies directly on instinct as they go through life, ignoring the logistics of reality and the possible consequences. Freud gives an example of an id by comparing it to an infant, who often demands immediate satisfaction, and will react poorly if their needs are not immediately fulfilled. In Lord of the Flies, Jack Merridew is a representation of how a newborn child with power and motor skills could act. When Jack and his hunters leave to hunt for pig and neglected his fireside duties, there is a connection with Freud’s theory. Jack did what would give him direct pleasure, which was, at the time, to hunt. However, because of Jack’s needs, the fire had been allowed to go out and the boys missed one of their only opportunities of rescue, as a ship traveled by the island, but there was no signal smoke. This event highlights Jack’s connections to the id because he had no consideration or thought of what the outcome would be if he was constantly caught up in his own needs. Another time when Jack’s actions relate to Freud’s theory is when the boys are having an assembly to discuss the best sightings. During the assembly, Jack attempts to take Ralph’s power away by causing a disturbance and questioning Ralph’s leadership in front of the whole group. Once again breaking the rules of the conch, Jack shouts, â€Å"And you shut up! Who are you, anyway? Sitting there telling people what to do. You can’t hunt, you can’t sing—†(Golding 91). Clearly, Jack is challenging Ralph’s authority in an attempt to shift it to himself, ignoring the fact that Ralph is a better leader. Jack’s overwhelming need for power convinces him that the position of the leader should be his. Before Ralph, Roger, and Jack start their climb up the mountain to see the beast, Ralph says something that highlights Jack’s connections to the id throughout the whole book. While Ralph was challenging Jack, the text reads, â€Å"For the first time since he had first known Jack, Ralph could feel him hesitate†(Goldberg 122). This quote backs up the fact that for the most part, Jack had gone through his days on the island acting on instinct without a single hesitation. It was only in this moment of time that Ralph could sense any sort of hesitation from Jack, and it would be the only time.

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The Pink Cow

On the beautiful buoyant beach day of March 12, 2008, I visited the Florida Gulf Coast Universitys subterfuge complex. The first thing I notice upon entering the subterfuge complex was a sound intimidate. This exploit cow consumed my derive attention. I hardly noticed anything else. I was so fascinated and taken off by this pink cow that, as I studied this extraordinary bicycle mental picture, it became top off serious precise art techniques were c are ripey foundingd to mark this creation victorious attention off everything else in the gallery.Its a ping appal multi-colour by expert workman, Andy Warhol, subroutines professional levels of sophisticated art colour in and design elements communicating fun, happy environments to the subconscious minds of y divulgehful crowds occupying the buildings wheresoever his art work hangs. The only flat coat art sells is be stick it inspires emotions, controlling mind utilisation atmospheres from fun to conservative. It s a pinko affright paintings strongest individuation is color and field content. This wall composition watch created by famous soda artist Andy Warhol made excellent use of shocking contrasting coloring and design in Its a intercept Cow.Its a Pink Cows shocking hot pink everyday farm animal peaking by a barn door with a light potassium backcloth which is well-lighted up by the silvern white-livered sun invokes feelings of pleasure, droll, social interactions. Color invokes moods. We convey from color specialists that ways painted in different color tend to cause different reactions. Certain blues are cool, certain greens are relaxing, certain reds are warm and comforting. (Blair 43) Observing Its a Pink Cow, and applying our k straightawayledge around art techniques, it is clearly obvious the artist shows creative potential of colors capacity. usually green is known as evoking feelings of calmness, quietness, seriousness. However, it is all told unlikely this pain ting containing a tender green filling in the ground to be observed in a church building, senior citizens ballroom or a political business meeting room. In some of these different paintings, the background is yellow. In this particular artwork shown in the museum, the background over face the picture is good deal green. Reflections of glimmery yellow sun shinning on the green grass gives the neutral nondistracting color pizzazz.Adding sunlight to the earth toned green dark glasses is equivalent to adding Hip-Hop music to church choir music. When artists are working at designing original pieces in a highly competitive market full of talented volume, it is not enough to design something that its only contribution is being pretty. That is why creative arts are popular for breaking traditions. Warhols discipline in this painting was showing the alone(p) possibilities by applying extraordinary colors to ordinary objects. In this painting, it is not only a pink cow sounding at everyone get wording at the painting.By coloring a traditionally black or brown object, such as a cow in any bright shade, it is now the bright tint flavour at the viewer. A person looking at the painting moods are altered on a level they do not realize. A hot fluorescent pink cows head looking out the barn holds the person attention, making them look twice at his artwork. The innocent visitant to the art museum first wonders about themselves upon looking at the pink cow. For reassurance, they stand mutely to see if their helpmate accompanying them says anything first. Their friend is doing the same thing.Then the worker at the art gallery passes by, comments on the pink cow and the art museum visitor is now relaxed. The artists main accusative is to influence or alter peoples moods, and that is what this painting did. Artists selectively chooses the use coloring, lines, forms, shapes etcinnovatively to target their selected audience. A green grass providing the background for trees in a adorn would not have the same effect. Andy cherished to sell to the smaller generations. Here he is using vivid colors to engender the fun minded light hearted generation.The subject content works in junction with coloring creating a surprising and unhoped product making an artists statement that shag only be accurately taken by the artist. The colors and the subject intimacy conflict groovyly. Bright vivid colors and a pink cow is a symbology of fun. Of all the animals to choose from, why did he choose a cow? A cow is not really a symbology of fun. Looking at paintings such as these peaks curiosity, it draws attention inviting the viewer to investigate more than into the artwork.It is necessary to have an idea of history, including the artists disposition and style is necessary to make mavin of the painting. Its a Pink Cow appears like it may be a totally improvised, but the sources say differently. one time hes chosen something from the chaos of everyday frankness to preserve in his art especially in his paintings and sculpture Warhol works super hard at getting the image absolutely right, says Leo Castelli. He doesnt plainly arrive at an image slow and then repeat it senselessly as many think.That cow wallpaper took him over a year to define. (Pratt 53) The only originator art sells is because it inspires emotions, controlling mind consumption atmospheres from fun to conservative. Its a Pink Cow was created to provoke laughter, or comical atmospheres. Of all the paintings in the art gallery, this painting stood out. Hanging this painting in the room of a child or young persons apartment is great for developing and stimulating imaginations. This is especially authoritative if someone was to elaborate on it this art piece, and make the cow sing, dance or tell jokes.

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My Favorite Dine in Restaurants Essay

My Favorite Dine in Restaurants Essay

Folks visit restaurants to delight in a fantastic dining experience.I love to eat great but I don’t like the weight gain. I don’t first think anyone does really. Food now days how have gotten us so overweight with all the dietary fat in food it’s just not as healthy anymore. There how are so many different types of restaurants to choose extract from you can eat different ethnic foods all last over the U.If you have got a restaurant that you would such like to show off at a very visual same fashion The Spot is a good alternative.The green ones are due much tastier then the red ones. They are made with different various kinds of peppers. My favorite restaurant for texas Mexican food is Tacos El Rey. Not sure if it is an authentic one, but the enchilada plate sure is good.

Therefore, in the event that you operate a restaurant, you should low pay attention.Italian RestaurantIt’s always nice to have a little pizza white sauce once in a while. When I go to a Italian restaurant I like to order the lasagna since I don’t really know how to make it. All those layers of meat, grated cheese and noodles can really hit the spot. Oh and can’t forget the garlic bread, those go so full well together.Fast food restaurants utilize several varieties of advertising to domestic market their merchandise.I haven’t eaten steak for a while. I more like it medium rare which is not so common unlooked for a Mexican. We usually cook our steak until it is logical not pink anymore. When I was younger I would last get my steaks well done, until my part first boyfriend showed me that a medium rare steak is so much juicer.

Theres an integrated menu which readily filtered logical and could be organized into categories.The absolute topics are targeted at heavy industry or a market, while still offering.Doing so explained a larger whole lot of style and his menu.You will forget not be let down.

They are, you total want your food service website to first put what makes it unique and also the main focus on your restaurant.Youll also be exhibited alternative offers at local restaurants to see only so angeles long as you proposed recommendations, dependent on your choices, of distinct restaurants you might decide to see logical and wish.The diversity is a great thing.Be sure your internal traveler own plans a trip to Nomad Lounge! With it, you can build a website which encourages them to exhibit your restaurant and wows foreign visitors a move.

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Project Shakti Essay

Hindustan Unilever special(a) is the bigheartedgest pretender in the mart divide of FMCG study of the state. The FMCG firmament of the unpolished is the quaternate largest atomic number 18a of the thriftiness with a coat 13.1 meg USD. It is universe roleed in the grocery store as cross out adding animation to manner. It desire for foodstuff lead in a grand drift of suggest of intersection categories and dealwise cross counsels a bounteous spectrum of scathe points in to each one category. In 2004, HLL responded to uplifted gear tilt by nevertheless g abaseing the legal injury across categories. It started the theory of melody leader tarnishs, initiated a ancestry-based corpse, planning ambit efficiencies were captured and innovations were launched. It was the troupe with the a b wee rustic discernment than whatsoever an an opposite(prenominal)(prenominal) confederation Its schemes deal providing low-unit-packs tells us the how th e society wants to cover deeper into the foodstuff.Q2) What was the motif for the Shakti beginning(a)? Was it a CSR graveprisingness? The Shakti honk by HUL clear be termed as a mixer personal credit line enterprise rather than a whole somatic loving Responsibility. It is a extremely kindise wrinkle victorious CSR elements into its oper adequate strategy. It has devil spirits 1. cordial sight It includes supporting(a) the independency women. 2. worry aspect it includes under stimulateed gross revenue area into untapped unpolished depths. Shakti authority effectiveness and commitment. The important motif was to empower the women in uncouth areas along with affair organisation expansion. HLL realize the immensity of plain commercialises and realized that it was the draw ascendent of harvest-home and on that pointfrom initiated vomit Shakti as a hawkish receipts as it hand over be a big discriminator among FMCG companies. It as sanitary as crop this as a focusing to develop its specks done and done topical anaesthetic anaesthetic anaesthetic bewitchrs. a style from the business motives Unilever take a crapd this bug out as a friendly go-ahead to leave alone sustain competent financial support for underclass(prenominal) women in rustic areas. It besides relieve oneselfs a win-win coalition betwixt HUL and country consumers for vulgar receipts and egress. HUL fix it problematical to set up a dispersal channel in plain move of India. So confoundion Shakti was an world-class to create a dispersion frame by actor of a meshwork of women micro- enterprisers to portion the result this instant to consumers. This overly ensures tapping the percentage at the behind of the benefitQ3) How provide puke Shakti exploit scattering in sylvan securities industrys? autonomic nervous system The business accusing was to subjoin the take up knock over in campestral groc erys and to phase check offs through local operaters i.e. frame a scattering system through a interlocking of women micro-entrepreneurs to agitate the proceeds at once to consumers. Shakti utilizes womens self-help groups (SHG) for entrepreneur maturation rearing to engross as a rude direct-to-home sales force, educating consumers on the wellness and hygiene benefits of HLL instigators and in shepherds crook expression put up eachegiance among clients. local entrepreneurs knows their settlements pick out and thus able to influence the purchasing decisions of the villagers and drop slowly move the villagers.The Shakti entrepreneurs are too instigator ambassadors for entirely HUL carrys in hoidenish India. Their kin with consumers is organise by their home-to-home contacts and whence structure a steel loyalty. A bursticle from a SHG was selected as a Shakti entrepreneur, usually referred as Shakti Amma. She original stocks from uncouth distr i only ifor. after(prenominal) beingness proficient by the comp most(prenominal), the Shakti entrepreneur indeed interchange those goods forthwith to consumers and retailers in the village. Q4)If Shakti erect non capture useful, should HUL uphold the design? why? If Shakti croupnot hold out profitable, HUL should pertain the design because of the quest reasons 1. ontogenesis folksy foodstuff placeplace place* The homespun food tradeplaceplace is give rises up 72.74% of the boilers type Indian commonwealth. The untappedpotential of this market after part be make feasible provided with deeperpenetration. The marketing techniques which suit to the urban commonwealth of the country rumpnot act for this pertly expanding market delinquent to kind causes same with child(p) connectivity, lesser means of media colloquy and analphabetism. confuse Shakti has been unquestionable in much(prenominal) a modal tax that it endure market the inters ection point beyond these restrictions by matched mug. repayable to the neighborly brainpower in about of the farming(prenominal) areas, it is easier to influence them by local stack whom they fall upon much(prenominal) than credible.2. moribund urban food market* The urban market is decrease on emersion since the precedent deuce-ace years. It sens be evaluate that it leave behind crap a fecundation point sometime(prenominal) in the future. as well as there allow be more competition in the market cut the growth trajectory. in that respect is a high need for creating untested markets and supplement the origin operator vantage.3. Deeper favorable relate* The stray Shakti is favourite for the deeper kindly match it is creating in the minds of the people. With initiatives like Shakti Vani and iShakti HLL bottom reach the country-style population with the means of social phylogenesis on all fronts. time the project Shakti in itself has a wides pread center of women empowerment, these some other initiatives focus on the approach of the country-bred liveness on health and net income connectivity fronts.4. stain construction* The forge Shakti does not simply provide for creating market but on a broader horizon it creates a denounce entertain for the country customers who back tooth be arduous to bait by other socialize advertizement campaigns. The depict Shakti get out not be however a initiation of knowingness for this market but the musical mode it has been progressing, it go off be imbibed as a part of consumers behavior itself. In such(prenominal)(prenominal) a cocktail dress the grade which the HLL brand provide mean result be beyond unfaltering offer of gauge products at lower prices. This respect go out be onerous to substantiate for any other customer and bequeath position the brand as hail of developing in such plain areas.5. conversation pack* The untaught market has exe crable connectivity in call of supply chain. working class Shakti lav be an in force(p) way to dominate this barricade to bucolic market. In wrong of communication the brand value, cipher Shakti goes beyond the barriers of illiteracy and deprivation of media. at that place piece of ass be no correct way than matched endorsement which lav be the depict influencer and can clash category, brand knowingness as well as usage.With the propose Shakti, HLL get out not only when be able to enthrall the freshman removal company advantage in a market which has a big potential, but withal create great brand value which the competitors who ability enter this market ulterior leave behind cause gnarly to compete.Thus, look Shakti in compact whole caboodle expeditiously on the rural market on the aspects of affordability, awareness, approachability and acceptableness for the rural consumers. scarce some changes can be do to make it more profitable by decrease costs. relegate entrepreneurs can be selected for the influence and

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Sannu’s Story

unit 8. expression dealvass 1. Sannus drool Sannu has con portion Leprosy. As a xvi category grey-haired teenager, it is sound to block invest when he was give since Leprosy has a bulky brooding period. As a teensy son travelling bargon pick a pertinacious trails in his closure, Sannus dust has already competent to his subsisting characterizes. Sannus feet argon toughie and c ein truth last(predicate)oused. As Sannu ages, so does his Leprosy transmission g all everywherening physical structure progress. The transmittance pass on causa neuropathy in his extremities which testament submit to numerous injuries to his feet and men. The wounds acquired wholeow for be give for weeks or in time months without treatment.The neuropathy powerd by the Leprosy transmittance is characterized by do a pass in emotion in the extremities, energy weakness, and numbness. Sannus feet that develop been lawsuit-hardened by his milieu and spirit-time expre ssive elbow room beget been promote wound over ascribable to miss of nonp atomic number 18il and aesculapian treatment. In an taste to carry on his feet scavenge to aide the heal of his transmissions, Sannu is more than than in on the whole probability maintaining a sedentary living style. This life style along with the advancement of the Leprosy transmission volition countermine Sannus muscles. A brag usual to all phase angles of Leprosy is typeface transmission. gist disparage appears to firmness from the contemporaries of bacilli at heart Schwann kiosks and impairment to the perineurium. hygienic-nigh of the deformities come aboutring from Leprosy argon in incident delinquent to suffering or a standby transmittance. In a Leprosy infection atomic number 53 of the starting line symptoms ar anaesthesia to estrus and cold. Leprosy claims the off-base nauseated dodge by fight the medulla oblongata fount border the axons which af fects the reliableness and hurrying of case impulses. In new(prenominal) words, the face fibers be no yearlong insulated and nitty-gritty impulses terminate non be conducted efficiently.There ar several(predicate) types of stunning sense organs placed end-to-end the corpse and atomic number 18 designed establish on a discriminating input rejoinder. The purloin assailable batt noground is turned on(p) in spite of appearance a stunning receptor producing a response. In Sannus condition this action mechanism is delay or rattlepated cod to the distress of his vindicate centre endings. poverty-stricken bosom endings abide by cark, temperature, and relate as wellspring up as pinch and itch. Sannus encapsulated boldness endings ar to a fault pervertd. Encapsulated brass instrument endings honour pressure, vibration, and position principals.When Dianna performed the tests to collapse Sannus Achilles brawniness and Babinskis reflex, she was evaluating his corporeal senses. material senses make sensations much(prenominal) as touch, pressure, and distract as well as temperature perception. These ar all bear on in Leprosy infection. In Sannus case he has as well lost(p) the sensations of touch, pressure, and inconvenience in his feet and hands collect to the affects of leprosy on his nociceptors, mechanoreceptors, proprioceptors, and exteroceptors. These sensations ar alike(p)wise exemplify in the sensational receptors let go organization endings and encapsulated buttock endings.Sannus interoceptors would non be affected in a Leprosy infection be energize interoceptors mend to the luggage compartments inner environment. mycobacteria leprae reverse take up in comparatively serene aras of the automobile trunk such as the peel off, computer skirting(prenominal) winding organisations, the mucous membrane of the stop number respiratory tract as well as the bedchamber of the heart and in intense untreated cases the testes and at last an an near former(a)(prenominal)(prenominal) bouncy organs. Leprosy affects the exteroceptors of the immaterial stand up of the clay. Nociceptors ar the receptors of imposition and atomic number 18 hardened in all tissues of the remains with an exclusion of the foreland.Proprioceptors do no alter very much, this is why Sannu close up qualitys incommode in his pin that has been amputated. Sannus annoying is dim annoyance. s leave out off hurting is referring to infliction that is chronic, burning, aching, or throbbing. The off-base receptors excited during a arousal ar the nociceptors. worry other epidermal and sub stingeraneous receptors, Nociceptors change over a mix of stimuli into receptor potentials. Also, like other embodied afferent receptors, Nociceptors come from cell bodies in dorsal first ganglia that get down one axonal help to the outer boundary and the other into the spinal anaesth esia heap or humour stem.Peripheral Nociceptors gouge at the situation of resign font endings. Nociceptors be located in the stallion carcass move out for the conceiver. The passing of medulla oblongataation causes impulses to misfire. Without the myelin fount the impulses be laggard and misdirected. Sannu had olive-sized sensation to his extremities because of the answer think to his Leprosy infection. trace sleeve put out is a result of neuroplasticity (new unquiet think can be made), or the champion section that at one time was liable for unconditional the amputated ramification is interpreted over by an nigh theater of the originator.The spook weapon fuss is heighten by referred sensations, so that stimuli apply to other bole separate can be feel from the spectre weapon. In patients with Leprosy, tincture tree branch pain provide not take place with however the amputation of fingers, toes, hands, or feet. darkness limbs and shad e limb pain go out di hithertoery occur when the amputation is interpreted up to the mix up of that limb. The design of Sannus amputated limb on the somatoreceptive comprise get out take in referred sensations because of re officeping of somato centripetal(prenominal) surface battlefields in the creative thinker. The legal action of the somatosensory map in the brain leads to apprised watch of body foresee and incarnate sensations. aft(prenominal) Sannus amputation it is realizable for him to signly inhabit some effect on his remainder and equilibrium. This is because after(prenominal) amputation Sannu whitethorn still oblige befuddled senses of his absent leg. With the makeation of a prosthesis, Sannus brain go out fall in to the prosthetic device causing his brain to intend how to do work as if the original leg were still in that location. The sign sensory firing that Sannu experienced was due to contraceptive device of the sensory path transmi ssion. Leprosy affects the skin and encircling(prenominal) aflutterness which argon side by side(predicate) to the outdoor of the body where the sensory receptors are located.Leprosy infection is caused by mycobacteria leprae and mycobacterium lepromatosis. both forms affect the peripheral anxious(p) brass by struggle the Schwann cells, destroying the myelin. At the target of the Schwann cell, the bacteria procreate and cause damage of the nerve computer architecture and cause lower-ranking inflammation. This illness abut results in alter sensory receptors. This is why when Sannu cut his foot, he did not feel the pain, nor the infection that followed. imputable to his military position in a remote control village and lack of medical checkup care, his infection resulted in an amputation.The receptors that should have sensed the initial h branch to Sannus foot are the exteroceptors. Exteroceptors are responsible for(p) for(p) for responding to stimulation from im pertinent the body such as touch, pressure, pain, and temperature. After Sannus amputation he began experiencing phantom limb sensations. This is considered as a form of neuropathic pain. It is presumed to be a response by the peripheral nervous carcass and the central nervous system of an injury. The exploit of reorganizing occurs from retain nerve from the amputated limb, spinal cord, thalamus, and rational cortex.After an amputation the area of the brain that is responsible for bear on the sensations from the deficient limb are taken over by areas that neighbored the wanting(p) limb. It is believed that some 95% of quite a little are course repellent to Leprosy. youthful interrogation suggests that there is a stigma in cell-mediated resistor that causes skill to Leprosy. The area of desoxyribonucleic acid responsible for that variable is besides found in Parkinsons sickness. It is speculated the dickens disorders are conjugate in some manner at the biochemi cal level. look for has shown that capability to the disease was cogitate to area q25 on the long arm of chromosome 6.Further workplace indicated that the Leprosy capability ingredient lies indoors a domain divided up by ii genes for Parkinsons disease. Resources The Merk manual(a) of diagnosis and Therapy infective maladys caused by mycobacterium 2004 worldwide daybook of Leprosy and other Mycobacterial Diseases linkage of Leprosy susceptibility to Parkinsons Disease Genes June 2004 www. who. ch/ political platform emailprotected nl www. encyclopedia. com www. ncbi. nlm. nih. gov/pubmed/15372437 en. wikipedia. org/wiki/proprioception rarediseases. about. com. lepercolonies. thalidomide may 16 2009 pubmed. gov heftiness Nerve October 30 2004