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Characteristic Downfall :: essays research papers

In T.S. Eliots "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock," the author isestablishing the trouble the narrator is having dealing with middle ripen. Prufrock(the narrator) believes that age is a tear and is deeplytroubled by it.. His love of some women cannot be because he feels theprime of his life is over. His preoccupation with the passing of timecharacterizes the fear of aging he has. The poemdeals with the agingand fears associated with it of the narrator.Prufrock is not confident with himself mentally or his appearance. Heis terrified of what will occur when people see his balding head or his trim and aging body. He believes everyone will dilutek he is old anduseless. They will talk about him behind his back.(They will say"How is hair is growing thin")My morning coat, my collar mounting firmly to the chin,My necktie rich and modest, but asserted by a simple pin--They will say "But how his mail and legs are thin"This insecurity is definitely a hindrance for him. It holds him backfrom doing the things he wishes to do. This is the sort ofcharacteristic that makes Alfred into a tragic, doomed character. Hewill not find happiness until he finds self-assurance within himself. The repetition of words like vision and revision, show his feelings ofinadequacy in communicating with the people nearly him.J. Alfred Prufrocks self esteem affects his love life greatly. Thewoman he is in love with is young than he is and this distresses him. He does not believe that some younger women could possibly accept him orfind him gentle. Expressing any kind of affection to her is awkwardand difficult. Prufrock knows what he must say but cannot bring himselfto say it. "Should I, aft(prenominal) tea and cakes and ices, Have the strength toforce the moment to its crisis?"(79-80) His apprehensiveness in hislove life, is very troublesome for him indeed. He wishes greatly toexpress his affection but it becomes suppressed within him. Hecompares himself to Lazarus who was an aged man restored to life byJesus. He feels that it will take a miracle to make him feel youngagain. Prufrock sees his age as the end of his romantic zeal. Heassumes the response to his love will be snappy and heartless. Prufrockbelieves that women do not find older men attractive or see apossibility of romance in them.The rhyme scheme Elliot uses in this poem depicts the disenchanted andconfused mind of the narrator. The poem is compose using a non-uniform

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The Prejudiced Message of Merchant of Venice :: Free Merchant of Venice Essays

The Prejudiced Message of Merchant of Venice           The Merchant of Venice portrays a prejudiced message.  This is first evident in Act one when Shylock openly says to himself, I hate him because he is a Christian....May my people be cursed if I forgive him All throughout the book the Christians are battling with the Jews and neither of them will listen to the other because their hearts are filled with intense prejudice.  Antonio proves that he is unwilling to change his feelings toward Shylock when he says, Im likely to call you names again, spit on you again, and shun you again.  They dont seem to realize that their prejudiced attitudes could get someone (Antonio) killed.           There are different clock during the play that Shylock could be viewed as a villain and other times that he could be seen as a sympathetic character.  When he doesnt throw overboard his daughter, Jessica to marry Lorenzo proficient because hes a Christian, thats when we start to think that Shylock just isnt a very nice guy.  But he was also the target of a lot of prejudice himself.  Antonio didnt like him because he was a Jew, and he let Shylock know his feelings.  However, two wrongs dont make a right. In other words, just because Antonio hated Shylock and spit in his face, theres no reason why Shylock couldnt just show Antonio love or just stay away(p) from him.  Shylock chose to get revenge, so he probably would be viewed as a villain.           Prejudice doesnt get anyone anywhere.

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Fascism in Germany :: essays research papers

During the 1920s and early 1930s, Germany was unstable socially economically and politically. The organisation was genuinely often in a state of confusion. The population was disappointed and scared, as the Great Wall Street stock market crash of 1923 pushed the economy to a collapse before the peoples eyes. These unfavorable events made a nation in a state of insecurity, bandage fed up, the people looked for a rescuer. This came in the form of fascism, an ideology in which the individual is controlled by a supreme state under the control of one extreme dictator. The leader to send the people of Germany out of all the problems and misfortunes was Adolf Hitler, a ruthless fascist dominator. With him, the Nazy party set a dominant force to utilize their propaganda on this puzzled nation and to win the hearts of the people by manipulating their minds.Adolf Hitler was the undisputed leader of the Nazi Party. Much of Hitlers success during his reach to higher power in Germany was d ue to his goodly and dominating personality. A master spokesman, Hitler was a charismatic speaker, that delivered his speeches passionately and dynamic that the crowds would be driven wild with enthusiasm of the ideas he preached. Hitlers plans made hazy promises while avoiding the real facts. Very often he was doing sp by using simple catch phrases, repeated over and over. Hitlers dominance and strict nature was a much-needed transpose for Germany after the ditches it has been through. All of the Nazi governments actions were for the purpose of destroying the believed sickness of the old Germany and creating a new society. The government abolished democratic freedoms and institutions. In their place the government created an authoritarian state. The Nazis encouraged German culture and tried to ensure that all Germans were physically and mentally fit to an Aryan ideal. In order to achieve these goals, the Nazi regime despised books and paintings that were not ideal to Germany, cle aned physically and mentally disabled people, and enslaved and murdered millions of people who were considered enemies of the state. The emblem of Nazism, the swastika, symbolized this type of rebirth and destruction. German propaganda identified the swastika with the rising sun and with rebirth because the bars of the symbol suggest perpetual rotation. To its innumerable victims, however, the swastika came to signify cruelty, death, and terror.Fascism had two appearances that made it so destructive and barbaric once in power.

Essay on The Holy Bible - Genesis 1-3 and the Downfall of Mankind :: Holy Bible Genesis Essays

Genesis 1-3 and the Downfall of Mankind      People hold many differing opinions about Genesis 1-3. Some people believe that matinee idol didnt indispensability Adam and Eve to have the fellowship of good and evil because it would make them as gods. The purpose of this essay is to show that Adam and Eve caused the downfall of mankind.  Now, to the violent eye, it may be possible to interpret the aforementioned text as having certain scheisty tendencies coming from both the serpent and, believe it or not, graven image himself. As possible as it may seem, the main theme of the passages of Genesis are not trying to show God as being greedy with the cognition of good and evil. It isnt like God was worried that Adam and Eve would gain knowledge that would empower them and make them as gods. That is almost preposterous to think that God, the all-powerful creator of heaven and earth, would be worried about two persons obtaining a little bit of information. In all actuality, that idea is incredibly far from the truth. God gave Adam and Eve the world, literally. This perfect world, a heaven on earth, was just given to them out of the goodness of his heart. All they had to do was look all over Gods creations and enjoy true eternal bliss. As a matter of fact, the only rule that God gave to Adam and Eve was to not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. All they had to do to live in the eternal paradise, with all the cookies and milk they could stomach, was to follow that one freakin rule. Acknowledging the fact that the serpent (a.k.a. Satan Incarnate) did do its founder in persuading Eve to eat the fruit and to give the fruit to her husband. Even still, Eve should have realized that she was risking eternal happiness for the words of a snake.   God said, ... of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, thou shallot not eat of it for in the day that thou neatest thereof thou shallot surely die. He wasnt speaking of an instantaneou s death, or even mortal death. He was more so saying that they would lose their immortal lives, therefor being compromised by mortal death. The serpent knew of this and used his knowledge to bring about the inevitable demise of mankind.

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The Rocking Horse :: essays research papers fc

Within the story entitled The Rocking supply master by D.H. Lawrence, the audience is divulged into the sordid family life of a adolescent boy named capital of Minnesota, where there are three obvious morals told through the storys carriage and symbolism. Also present within The Rocking Horse Winner are elements of supernaturalism and cold harsh reality. The first distinct moral in The Rocking Horse Winner is that we must not let ourselves be succumbed to avaritia and the need for solidistic items over our responsibilities in life. The mother and fathers obsession with wealth and material items is at battle with their parenting responsibilities within The Rocking Horse Winner. The mother and father realize replaced love with the constant, overwhelming desire for additional money. It is the responsibility of the parents to provide for the children in their family. Especially, where as young children are concerned, they should never feel the need to provide for their parents. Th e Rocking Horse Winner portrays the financial destruction of an upper class family struggling to maintain their high school level status while regularly spending beyond their means. The mother and father have expensive tastes that can not be supported with their pure common jobs. In order to give their family the best and retain their illicit status, both parents embezzle all of their resources to -1-purchase materialistic things. The Rocking Horse Winner depicts how greed and the need possessions and money drives a member of this upper class family to resort to drastic measures.(Lawrence The Rocking Horse Winner Study Guide)The second obvious moral to The Rocking Horse Winner is that often one does not realize what they have and how they we feel about it until it is gone. Early on within the story we learned that Pauls mother had attractive, bonny children. Yet, when her children were present she always felt the center of knocker go hard. She knew that there was a place in the ce nter of her heart where she could not feel love for anybody, not even her children. Later on in the story, the mother goes on to show her emotions and love when she has seizures of uneasiness about Paul and finds him fiercely riding his rocking horse into unconsciousness and finally plumaging to his death. When she is presented with losing her child, she realizes what she had, a little too late. (Lawrence p.980, 988)The third apparent moral to The Rocking Horse Winner is even if you have good luck, eventually it will run out.

The Rocking Horse :: essays research papers fc

Within the story entitled The Rocking vaulting horse Winner by D.H. Lawrence, the audience is divulged into the sordid family life of a adolescent boy named Paul, where there are three obvious morals told through the storys style and symbolism. Also present within The Rocking Horse Winner are elements of supernaturalism and cold harsh reality. The first distinct moral in The Rocking Horse Winner is that we must not let ourselves be succumbed to greed and the need for mercantile items over our responsibilities in life. The fetch and fathers obsession with wealth and material items is at battle with their parenting responsibilities within The Rocking Horse Winner. The mother and father micturate replaced love with the constant, overwhelming desire for additional money. It is the responsibility of the parents to provide for the children in their family. Especially, where as young children are concerned, they should never intuitive feeling the need to provide for their parents. T he Rocking Horse Winner portrays the financial destruction of an upper class family struggling to maintain their high level status while regularly spending beyond their means. The mother and father have expensive tastes that can not be supported with their mere common jobs. In order to give their family the best and retain their illicit status, both parents embezzle all of their resources to -1-purchase materialistic things. The Rocking Horse Winner depicts how greed and the need possessions and money drives a member of this upper class family to doctor to drastic measures.(Lawrence The Rocking Horse Winner Study Guide)The second obvious moral to The Rocking Horse Winner is that often one does not realize what they have and how they we feel about it until it is gone. Early on within the story we learned that Pauls mother had attractive, bonny children. Yet, when her children were present she always felt the center of shopping center go hard. She knew that there was a place in the center of her heart where she could not feel love for anybody, not even her children. Later on in the story, the mother goes on to show her emotions and love when she has seizures of uneasiness about Paul and finds him fiercely riding his rocking horse into unconsciousness and finally plumaging to his death. When she is presented with losing her child, she realizes what she had, a infinitesimal too late. (Lawrence p.980, 988)The third apparent moral to The Rocking Horse Winner is even if you have good luck, eventually it will run out.

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Mamoni Raisom Goswami Essay

From a stepping stone to a Milestone Popularly known as Mamoni Raisom Goswami, Indira Goswami was an Assamese poet, editor, author, professor and scholar who was in like manner known as Mamoni Baideo. She was the pole star of Assamese Literature. The only second Assamese recipient of the Jnanpith Award, Mamoni Baideo was born on 14 November 1942 in Guwahati. Mamoni Raisom Goswami was born to Umakanta Goswami and Ambika Devi, who were very much attached to Sattra life of the Ekasarana Dharma. She was married to Madhevan Raisom Ayengar who died in a car accident after 18 months of their marriage.She studied at Latashil Primary School, Guwahati Pine Mount School, Shillong and Tarini Charan Girls School, Guwahati and completed Intermediate Arts from Handique Girls College, Guwahati. She majored in Assamese literature at Cotton College in Guwahati and secured a Masters degree from Gauhati University in the same field of study. Mamoni Raisom Goswami suffered from depression since her ch ildhood. Even in the opening pages of her autobiography, The unfinished Autobiography, there is a mention of her inclination to excel into the Crinoline Falls located near their house in Shillong.Repeated suicide attempts marred her youth. After sudden demolition of her husband, she started taking heavy social disease of sleeping tablets. After she was brought back to Assam, she joined the Sainik School, Goalpara. After working at the Sainik School in Goalpara, Assam, she was persuaded by her t apieceer Upendra Chandra Lekharu to come to Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, and pursue research for repose of mind. Her expressions as a widow as sanitary as an researcher finds life in her novel, Nilakantha Braja (The Blue necked braja). This novel is all about the radhaswamis of Vrindavan who lived in utter poverty and sexual exploitation in everyday life.One of the main issues which the novel revolves around is the lives of the widows for whom companionship beyond the walls of the ashram be comes impossible. The novel exposed the uglier guinea pig of Vrindavan- the city of Lord Krishna. Although the novel invited criticism of Mamoni Baideo from the conservative sections of the society, it still remains a classic in modern Indian Literature. This is the first novel to be written on this subject. The novel was based on Baideos research on the place as well as real-life experience of living in the place for several years.In Vrindavan, she mostly involved herself in studying the Ramayana. A massive volume of Tulsidass Ramayana bought there at just 11 rupees was a great source of inspiration in her research. After relocating to Delhi, India, to become Head of Assamese Department at the University of Delhi, the most glorious phases of her life begins. musical composition at the university, she wrote most of her greatest works. Several short stories, including Hridoy, Nangoth Sohor, Borofor Rani, used Delhi as the background. Her two classics Pages Stained With Blood and The Moth Eaten Howdah of a Tusker were also written during this period.The different track records completed while she lived in Delhi were Ahiron,The Rusted Sword, Uday Bhanu, Dasharathis Steps and The Man from Chinnamasta. At the peak of her literary career she wrote the controversial novel The Man from Chinnamasta, a critique of the thousand-years-old tradition of animal sacrifice in the famous Hindu Shakti temple to Kamakhya, a mother goddess, in Assam. Goswami reported that there was even threat to her life after writing the novel. In this novel she quotes scriptures to authenticate the argument she puts forward in the novel to worship the Mother Goddess with flowers rather than blood.She said in an interview, When the novel was serialized in a popular magazine, I was threatened with dire consequences. Shortly after this, a local newspaper, Sadin, carried an appeal about animal sacrifice, which resulted in quite an uproarthe editor was gheraoed and a tantrik warned me. But wh en the appeal was published, the response was overwhelmingly in favour of banning animal sacrifice. I also had to contend with rejection from a publisher who was initially keen and had promised me a huge advance, but who later backtracked, offering instead to publish any other book of mine.But the rest, as they say, is history and Chinnamastar Manuhto went on to become a runaway bestseller Mamoni Baideo was the winner of the Sahitya Akademi Award (1983), the Jnanpith Award (2001) and Principal Prince Claus Laureate (2008). A celebrated writer of contemporary Indian literature, legion(predicate) of her works have been translated into English from her native Assamese which include The Moth Eaten Howdah of the Tusker, Pages Stained With Blood and The Man from Chinnamasta.She was also well known for her attempts to structure social change, both through her writings and through her role as mediator between the armed militant group coupled Liberation Front of Asom and the Government of India. Her involvement led to the formation of the Peoples Consultative Group, a peace committee. She referred to herself as an observer of the peace carry through rather than as a mediator or initiator. Her work has been performed on stage and in film. The film Adajya is based on her novel won foreign awards.Words from the Mist is a film made on her life directed by Jahnu Barua. Very dear to the hearts of every Indian, baideos death on 29 November 2011 has created a vacuum in the Indian Literature. She died in the Gauhati Medical College and Hopital (GMCH) due to multiple organ failure after spending many days in the intensive care unit (ICU). No one in the world would be able to replace her in the hearts of each and every Assamese person. Mamoni Baideo will always remain in our hearts forever just like the everlasting footprint on wet cement.

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My Passion for Reading and its Contribution to My Personal Growth

My passion for extensive and penetrative narration has unequivocally confirmed the truth of a statement once made by the 18th degree centigrade French Philosopher, Dennis Digerot, Only passions, great passions can elevate the soul to great things. My soul, not merely my intellect, has indeed been elevated to greatnessI began cultivating a reading culture at the age of four, in my Nursery-school days because I appreciated the teachings of my parents and teachers regarding the treasures hidden in the reading culture. Thus I read whatever I could find that caught my fancy.But reading whatever caught my fancy soon gave way to a discriminatory reading habit, because against the moral sense of decency and progressiveness which I owe to my upbringing, I weighed and sifted every idea I came upon.My selection of books soon narrowed to national newspapers, academic literature, poetry and dramatic literature as well as working of political and academic critics.Customarily, I read these selec tions not as means to an end but as a matter of personal interest in the ideas and information they offered. For instance, I did not read academic books merely to pass my exams but tried to unearth the eye-opening ideas they contained, the sophistication to which they drew attention, and the refinement in thinker and in character they recommended.Today, I have a celebrated sense of intellectual discrimination I know my rights from my wrongs I have a apprehensive sense of beauty and appreciation in matters of morals, fashion, arts and literature I have a mind independent enough to have an uninfluenced produce in nearly any matter. I feel my intellect and my soul unfold to the academic and spiritual promise of their individuality

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Building Rock Types in Nottingham City Centre

The purpose of this investigation is to identify and visually examine the various rock-and-roll types used in Nottingham city marrow creates.Table 1. General information Question AnswerBriefly explain why the rock types used in the buildings are given specific, local names (e.g. Ancaster gemstone, Bulwell Stone and Portland Stone are three different types of limestone used in Nottingham buildings). Rock types used in buildings are given the local name of their origin. Rocks of the same type testament have variations depending on their geographical background. Therefore by naming rocks after their origin, it is easy to confirm that they come from the same place and so have little variations.Dolomitic limestone was the most common building stone in Nottingham from Victorian times onwards. Briefly explain what dolomitic limestone is (as distinct from limestone).Dolomitic limestone is limestone that has up to 50% dolomite content. The Kentucky geologic survey describes the stone oft en exhibiting a sugary texture and commonly weathering to a brown colour.Table 2. Nottingham building information & observations Building Feature Notes(1) Arkwright Building show the rock material (including the form of the blocks) for the limestone used in the buildingThe limestone used in the Arkwright Building is Ancaster stone. It is a sedimentary rock with a typical layered look. It is a pale yellow and has a medium grain size. The blocks of limestone are roughly 750mm x 250mm.(2) St Andrews Church Describe the rock material (including the form of the blocks) for the limestone used in the buildingThere are mainly two types of limestone used in the church. The first is called Bulwell stone. It is a coarse dolomitic limestone with a honey-brown or red tint. The blocks of stone are virtually 200mm x 150mm. The other type of limestone is Barnstone. It is a grey, fine grained rock with a rough texture.(4) Newton Building Describe the contrasts in appearance of the limestone and sa ndstone used in the Newton buildingThe limestone (Portland stone) in the newton building is white in colour unlike the sandstones golden colour. The limestone has a smooth texture whereas the sandstone has a rough, starchlike texture. Grain size is generally bigger in sandstone. Limestone blocks also contain shell debris unlike the sandstone.(5) Guildhall Describe the contrasts in the appearance of the sandstone used on the entrance steps to the sandstone used for the main buildingThe sandstone (Coal Measures Sandstone) used on the entrance steps is a bluish grey compared to the red-tinted sandstone ( mollymawk Grit) used on the main building. The Millstone Grit has medium grained rock whereas the Coal Measures Sandstone has a fine grain size and a smoother texture. (37) Express ChambersWhat is the name of the architect who designed this building (and when was the building constructed?) The Watson Fothergill website states the architect who designed the Express Chambers was Watson Fothergill. The construction of the building began in 1875 and was completed in 1876. (30) Nottingham and Notts BankDescribe the rock material (including the form of the blocks) for the larvikite used in the buildingThe Pelham Street frontage is made from Larvikite. It is bluish grey in colour. It has coarse inter-locking grains and a pearly lustre. The sheet used are roughly 1500mm x 1000mm. (29) Nottingham daybook BuildingNot including the flooring, name the different types of rock used to clad the exterior of the ground floor of the buildingThe ground floor faade is clad with three different types of (Igneous) rock. The rotter layer course is a dark grey Gabbro. Next is a thin course of Rapakivi Granite. The main panels are a greenish grey Magmatite. (78) The originator Gala Casino buildingA partially resorbed xenolith locoweed be seen in the right front, grey granite panel. What is a xenolith?The National Geographic states that a xenolith is a piece of rock embedded in a dif ferent type of rock. Xenoliths are usually trapped in cooling magma and so most commonly found in igneous rocks. (68) Enfield ChambersDescribe the rock material (including the form of the blocks) for the limestone used in the exterior of the ground floor of the buildingThe Cross-bedded limestone is a dark yellow colour. The rock consists of fine size grains and small crystals. The blocks of limestone are approximately 1000mm x 450mm and have a smooth texture. (67) PrezzoThe front columns are a porphyritic type of igneous rock. What does porphyritic mean, and whoremonger this feature be seen in the columns?The Geology class website explains that porphyritic means an Igneous rock made up of both large and fine crystals. This texture can be seen in the columns. Larger silver crystals are embedded in the finer black crystals.

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Summary of findings

Dear Mr. ManagerBelow argon some of the important discoveries I made concerning people that I and a couple of others in the company leave alone be familiarizing myself with in the coming days. I believe that these details will minimize difficulties in communicating with Cuban locale.Cuba is cognize as a country both by its cigar and the fact that it is ruled by Fidel Castro. After the collapse of Soviet communism, Cuba still remains to be a Socialist state. What is the people like and how should one conduct him/herself when in Cuba especially doing business in the country? Its a predominantly Catholic country, with traditions intermingling with culture, sprinkled with African Animist beliefs. The family is all-important the hub of Cuban life. T bounty is very little gender bias, hence women can hold government positions and can compete. Machismo is not an issue here unlike many of its counterparts in Latin America.Cubans are said to be cordial and convivial hence tourism has excee ded since the 1980s. In fact, it is the only Cuban showtime for the necessary foreign exchange. Tourisms increase is quite due to its people they are affable, very hospitable and generous.In terms of Cubans apparel, they are used to casual clothes but short pants in the thoroughfare are generally not their custom. Unless there is a engage to attend a formal occasion where it would be typical for men to discover a jacket and a tie, men are otherwise not too formal in their day-to-day interactions, though Cubans love to dress up during their evening socializing events. Even in the cities its important that tourists should wear closed shoes since the streets are dirty.Observing time consciousness, Cubans usually have a lot of time to do for all the things that needed to be pursue hence, that being late is more fashionable than arriving earlier. Meetings allotted for the business nature of the work, Cubans are said to think of the same. They tend to accept being late as part of thei r natural pride.Since they are relational types of people, they have the understanding that these are all preparations. Though one may arrive in the workplace on time, being late is not a too large deal because for them relationships take time. In this mindset, business is built on relationship and so therefore, business will only thrive in that context.Though Spanish is spoken by the population, Cubans have developed different meanings with certain words that had been widely used. To illustrate, it is a big mistake if one mentions the word papaya because this had evolved into what is referred to as the female genitalia. In addition, guaguas simply means city buses.The special period that may be present among their conversations specifically meant the time after the soviet fall. Adios has become to many people something with different connotations it is more than goodbye but it is frequently used as hello communication. Another term is Amarillo which is attributed to traffic police men and their outfits suited for your ages and plan jaba is a public policy allowing Cuban women who work to do their shopping.People here are conscious of titles, thus, it is perfectly advisable that whatever credentials a person possesses must be duly recognized. If one encourages conversation to take place, families and children are on the face of it to be good starters and topics that are no-nos are the 1988 grape export scare, politics or the human rights and the activism that pervades in the minds of Cuban citizenry. A guest should avoid victimization the first name of another until the other invites the other to do so. Calling a person with just only a psst-psst sound is normal for them and is not construed as rudeness.ReferenceFoster, Dean. Understanding the Cuban Socialist Experiment. Cuba? Accessed August 1, 2007.

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Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Program Paper

CERTIFICATE OF ORIGINALITY Icertify thatthe attachedpaper is my original work. I am familiar with, and own my responsibilities which are part of, the University of Phoenix Student Code of Academic Integrity. I affirm that any section of the paper which has been submitted previously is attributed and cited as such, and that this paper has non been submitted by anyone else.I pull in identified the sources of all information whether plagiarized verbatim or paraphrased, all images, and all quotations with citations and reference listings. Along with citations and reference listings, I have used quotation marks to identify quotations of fewer than 40 words and have used block indentation for quotations of 40 or much words. goose egg in this assignment violates copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property laws.I further agree that my name typedon the line below is intended to have, and shall have, the very(prenominal) validity as my handscripted signature. Studentssignature (name typed here is equivalent to a signature) Dwayne Wilson Individual Assignment MKT 421 Dwayne Wilson 11/01/2011 Terry Booker selling definitions marketing is the activity, apparel of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. Approved October 2007) 1 the act or process of selling or purchasing in a food market b the process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service 2 an aggregate of functions involved in moving goods from producer to consumer At its base, marketing is about the strategies and tactics you use to identify and cultivate the market for your products/services so it would seem to be pretty classic to overall organisational success. Personal definition My personal definition of marketing is where the producer attempts to discover a way for the consumer to agree to purchase their product.An exchange (if you will ) of product for money. The Importance of merchandise in Organizational Success The degree of importance is arguable based on the industry, but I cant think of any affair that can pop off without giving some thought to the way in which they grow demand for what theyre selling. In many another(prenominal) businesses, marketing needs to be a core concern, and a lot the overriding concern when it comes to running a successful business. The importance of marketing in plaque success is the competition that might occur, challenge, team player, co-operation, confidence, big thinking, and self-esteem.Marketing means the organizations needs to reach for certain goal to complete their organization To describe the importance of marketing, one need not look further than this quote from Regis McKenna, Marketing is everything, and everything is marketing. Everyone is exposed to marketing daily, even when they dont know it. Billboards surround the nations roads. Logos appear everywhere from t-shirts to the center knowledge base of the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl. When a teenager is begging his dad to use the family car, he is in fact, marketing himself to his father for the exchange of the keys.And that is what marketing is about, trying to create exchanges that requite and benefit both parties. No consumer can escape from marketing campaigns, and no business should be operating without a marketing plan to identify possible customers, meet their needs and wants, and keep them coming back for more. You will hear about the 4 Ps of the marketing mix which are the important elements of a marketing plan. How your future customers are identified and place between the cross-wires with marketing investigate and target marketing. To get a specific message to a specific customer, one must be familiar with direct marketing.Internet marketing is one of more recent trends that many organizations are looking at. general this section should help you learn about the importance for smal l businesses to implement marketing plans It is important for marketing efforts to be customer-oriented. When marketing a product or service, the organization must be certain that the product or service that they are providing is one that the customer wants. Quite often marketing efforts fail when the organization developed the product/service first, then tried to convince its customer to buy it.One of the greatest marketing flops of all time was when the Coca-Cola come with decided to change its formula in 1985 and introduced it as New turn. It was a disaster. Sales of the New Coke were very low and the Coca-Cola Company was receiving many phone calls and letters from angry customers who demanded the old formula back. The Coca-Cola Company brought back the old formula two months later. Reintroduced as Coca-Cola Classic, it was sold along with New Coke and outsold it by two to one in supermarkets. The Coke case is a classic example of what happens when an organization fails to co nduct proper marketing research.The key for a successful marketing effort is maintaining a level of customer satisfaction while at the same time, creating a profit for the organization. Profits must be made in order for the organization to continue to do business. Marketing is a concept that is always evolving. New definitions of marketing are being written daily. Marketing plans are an inessential component for all businesses. All businesses that are successful have followed a plan. Their success did not happen because of luck, it happened because the success was planned. A marketing plan helps establish, coordinate, and direct marketing efforts.It forces the organization to take a good, hard look at the market of your field and what is currently happening to it. Its a time to establish marketing goals and objectives, which can be later used for benchmarking yourself. Marketing plans helps keep the organization on the right track by following the guidelines it sets. It is also crit ical when trying to borrow money. When an organization plans to allow you to borrow money or invest in your organization, they require to examine your business plan. The marketing plan is a critical part of the business plan. Marketing Plan Elements Executive Summary brief explanation of what the organization does, its mission statement, the troubles infrastructure, and a short summary about the marketing objectives and the proposed plan. * Current Marketing Situation provides information about the current location, the target markets, and competitors in the market. * competition and Issue Analysis a more detailed description about the competition. Also includes potential challenges that could arise in the future due to business issue. * Marketing Objectives where the marketing goals and financial objectives are set.Objectives should be challenging, yet attainable for the organization. * Marketing Strategy plan for meeting the marketing objectives. Incorporates the marketing mix. * Action Programs an explanation of the distinct tasks of the marketing strategy. What will be done? When will it be done by? Who will do it? What will it cost? * Budget A more detailed look at the cost of the proposed marketing activities. * Measurements sets levels to measure if objectives are being met. Sets timeline to meet these measurable objectives. * Supportive Documents references to support the marketing plan.Includes the marketing research report. * Controls monitoring system for the marketing plan. Monthly or quarterly checklists to insure that the plan is operating effectively. Also included contingency plans. Plans of action in the concomitant of a crisis. It is important to regularly update your marketing plan. The market changes almost by the hour. The first marketing plan you create probably will not be effective in the future. Sources http//www. marketingpower. com/AboutAMA/Pages/DefinitionofMarketing. aspx http//www. merriam-webster. com/dictionary/marketing

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Resume Sample for Pharmacy

Mr. Venkatesh Jangala Phone +91 9985398963 Email venky. emailprotected com Date of Birth 23 november 1987 Address D. NO 3-578(A),Undavalli centre, Tadepalli(post), Gunturdist 522501. Languages Known English, Hindi, Telugu Objective To be a furcate of an organization where my skills are put to an optimal use and which offers scope for knowledge and growth. Educational Qualifications Year Degree/Certificate University/Board Marks obtained 2012 Masters of pharmacy(pharm. hemistry)* BITS Pilani, 7. 33/10 Hyderabad Campus (CGPA) 2010 Bachelor of pharmacy ANU(Acharya nagarjuna university) 79. 5% 2005 Intermediate Board of intermediate education,A.P 93% 2003 SSC SSC board,Andhra pradesh 87. 5% Experiences / Projects ? 6 months of internship at Hindustan Life care Limited,Kerala Worked in clean room(class 10,000) and performed Validation studies on clean room cleaning procedure in Blood bad department M. Pharmacy ? Project-1 Drug interaction studies for newer anti- TB do drugs. St udying of the metabolic interactions of a newer anti TB drug with other rugs in wistar rats such as Glipizide(CYP2C9 enzyme substrate) Ketaconazole( CYP3A4 inhibitor) by analysing the change in drug levels in plasma apply RP-HPLC ? Project-2Bio analytical method validation of a newer anti-TB drug. Analytical method development of a newly synthesised anti-TB drug using RP-HPLC with plasma samples and verificatory the parameters such as accuracy,precision and stability etc.. , Mini project(s) ? Pharmacophore modelling of adenosine receptor antagonists in alcohol addiction induced liver fibrosis Design of controlled released tablet formulations of verapamil hydrichloride and their fleshly military rank. Others Isolation of Hesperidin from citrus sinuses,and evaluation of hypo- glyceamic activity Hypo- lipidemic activity on rats . Technical Skills ? Handling of HPLC, UV,FT-IR &dissolution apparatus ? Designing of Analytical and bio-analytical method development studies for newer dru gs using HPLC and validation of analytical methods and instruments. ? Pharmacokinetic studies for a new formulation and drug. Documentation work in industries, design of quality assurance studies. Elective Courses Computer aided drug design. Dosage form design Awards / Honours / Achievements Published one paper on Synthesis of highly potent novel anti-tubercular isoniazid analogues with preliminary pharmacokinetic evaluation in Bio-organic and medicinal chemistry letters. Qualified GPAT & NIPER-2010. Extra-Curricular Activities Organisation and participation in my B. pharm college. Won second prize in dancing competition held at my college

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Banana Plantations in Central America

The banana republic is a familiar term. What is less known is how literally the term applied during the early 20th century in many regions of commutation America. The joined harvest-festival Company, an American concern, was formed in 1899 when several banana companies merged. Since banana is a crop best grown in telephone replace American climates, the company acquired ever greater amounts of landed estate there. The company soon became the lifesizest employer in Central America. Its presence and political influence there affected the lives of the native peoples in ways that remain controversial to this day.The abundant savage class of Central America was the most profoundly affected. Life Before, and during, United production The European domination of Central America during the 18th and 19th centuries resulted in a passing stratified social structure. The traditional social order of the Mayans and Aztecs reinforced that structure. There was a very big peasant class, som e of whom came there as slaves. The bonny peasant struggled to get by, a great deal being forced to work for whatever large strange company had moved into their area. Many of these peasants were descendants of the powerful Indian cultures that had been there thousands of years prior.Others brought a West African influence to the region, with their unique methods of worship, dance and music. The peasants of Central America are part of a rich and energizing culture. They are anything but unskilled. For example, they are known for their ability to make beautiful, colorful clothing. This was first noted by the conquistadores and remains a skill to this day. It was the Indians who discovered a use for the cacao, the basis of chocolate. They created a sort chocolate drink that became widely popular. It was later modified to suit European and American tastes.The diet of the peasants often consisted foods such as beans, maize, frijoles, chili and beef. Exports from Central America to t he rest of the world rose sharply during the mid-1800s. In response to the demand, furthermostmers cultivated a variety of crops including rubber trees, cacao, earnings and fruit. The main cash crop was something else, however. According to Peter Bakewell in A History of Latin America But most prominent by far in this line of agricultural goods was coffee, which was the leading export, c. 1913, of no hardly a(prenominal)er than seven countries. (2004) Farmers, at first, were in business alone.In most cases, however, their land was swallowed up by large corporate concerns. As these corporations became more prominent repressive, pro-corporate regimes were installed. Since the 1970s the trend has reversed itself. Small, individual farms are becoming more and more common. A regional exercise has emerged to promote self-survival through small farming. Guatemalans are using traditional stories, parables and humorous anecdotes to spread agricultural knowledge to their Mexican neighbors . They also share proud peasant virtues such as the love of farming, family and community.These virtues have been shared by peasants in Central America for hundreds of years. Still, life was difficult. Most peasants have to take second or third jobs. Farmers may do additional day labor on other farms. Some do not own land and work as a field hand wherever the work is available. Prior to the 1944 socialist revolution in Guatemalan wealth was concentrated among an elite few skillful 2. 2 percent of the population owned over 70 percent of the countrys land. Only 10 percent of the land was available for 90 percent of the population, most of whom were Indians. (Landmeier, 1997).This concentration of land in the hands of a powerful few made it easy for companies to come in and acquire large amounts of land. These companies often left large tracts of land uncultivated. The peasants could have used this land to grow a variety of crops instead they were often forced to take jobs at the comp any, on the companys terms. The Growth of the Corporate Plantation Cheap labor, available land and favorable climatic and political conditions drew large multi-national corporations to Central America in the late 1800s. The lives of the small peasant farmers would be altered dramatically.The United Fruit Company became the most prominent example of a foreign company influencing a sovereign government and the lives of its citizens. The United Fruit Company began operations at a time when there was little restraint on businesses. Huge monopolies, such as Standard Oil, were allowed to develop and dominate markets. The labor movement in The United States was still in its infancy, although it had won a few concessions from business and the government. For a company such as United Fruit, which employed thousands in foreign countries, there was little oversight.The large peasant population in Central America was merely seen as cheap labor for the huge company. United Fruit made quid pro qu o deals with foreign politicians to gain land and other concessions from those governments. The company had government assistance in putting down strikes, some of which involved more than 100,000 workers. In Colombia, the army fired into a large crowd of peasant strikers, killing dozens. Accusations arose that the army was essentially under the direction of The United Fruit Company. The Good and the BadNot all of the effects of the banana plantations were negative. United Fruit built much needed infrastructure in countries such as Guatemala and Honduras. Rail lines and schools were built and postal service was improved. Jobs at United Fruit typically paid more than other jobs in the areas where they were located. In later years, employees received medical care and free education. At the same time, jobs at banana plantations were often temporary. Working conditions were difficult, if not dangerous. Field workers were exposed to potentially harmful pesticides and other chemicals.The r ail lines served as another monopoly for a company like United Fruit, so they pressured governments not to build highways. The United Fruit Company gained undue influence over the lives of ordinary citizens through corrupt politicians. The most famous example arose in 1975, shortly before the company reorganized. Reports came to light that United Fruit was paying a $2. 5 million dollar bribe to the President of Honduras in exchange for tax breaks. The Honduran President was later removed by a military coup. The banana company also had influence within the American government.It boost the government to intervene to stop socialist movements in Central America. In 1954, the Central Intelligence Agency took covert action to undermine a Guatemalan regime they feared would align with the Soviet Union. The regime had planned to buy back the large amounts of unused land owned by United Fruit and treat it to peasants. It is this image of unrestrained American capitalism and exploitation th at has driven a number of Central American countries toward socialist regimes. In Central America, United Fruit is now broken into many subsidiaries. Much of the banana crop is received from independent farms.For Central American peasants the legacy of United Fruit is likely to be more bad than good. They feel they have been exploited and their traditional way of life nearly destroyed. The influence of the company over regional politics meant that the impose classes had little representation in the government. That has changed somewhat, but the problem of poverty remains. Today the working classes soldier on, doing what they must to maintain their rich culture. Sources Bakewell, Peter. A History of Latin America (2nd ed. ). Oxford, U. K. Blackwell Publishing, 2004. Chomsky, Aviva.West Indian Workers and the United Fruit Company in Costa Rica, 1870-1940. Baton Rouge, LA Louisiana State University Press, 1996. Draper, Thomas (ed. ). Democracy and Dictatorship in Latin America. New Y ork H. W. Wilson, 1981. Keen, Benjamin (ed. ). Latin American Civilization history and society, 1492 to the present. Boulder, CO Westview Press, 1991. Landmeier, Peter. Banana Republic The United Fruit Company 1997. Retrieved 17 Nov. 2006 http//www. mayaparadise. com/ufc1e. htm . United Fruit Historical Society. Chronology web site 2006. Retrieved 11/17/2006 http//www. unitedfruit. org/chron. htm .

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Dakota Territory and Tool Box Enhancing

The only thing thats memory them back is the right group Of people. Okay. So w?al need a scientist or both in case conditions are too harsh, too hot, or too dangerous. We need a unwavering body builder in case there really is life on Venus. We should bring more than or less friends too so they can experience this incredible opportunity. And last but not least, the person who is voluntary to stay back, in case we -Dakota gulped. Never come back They testament come looking for us. Dakota says gravely and seriously.Duke brings back his pro wrestler friend, Jack, who is leave behinding to tag along. Dakota calls her old science teacher, Mr.. Seemlier and explains everything. He brings two more scientists because of how ecstatic they are to do this. Jake, Kelly and Viper are down to go as well. Now are you guys lighten on control panel? Says duke. The whole gang simultaneously says yes and nods their heads. Now. We need supplies. Jack, you get the cameras, video tapes, audio re corders, everything. Mr.. Seemlier, you and your scientists will get the dried astronaut food.Two weeks worth. Jake, Kelly, Viper. You guys will need to bring gallons of water, first aid supplies, and anything else you may need. Duke and I will handle the pillows, blankets and clothes. We will also make sure our space craft is ready for takeoff. waiting Whos guan be the person to stay back in case something happens? says Duke. Crap I forgot Molly will Know she will. Ill call her. Dakota repels. So we all meet here. Tomorrow. With all supplies. No later than sunset.We dont want it to be too hot. 1 . The manner of speaking highlighted in blue are the sentences that use the repetition of words. The words highlighted in yellow are the unmindful phrases separated by commas. The words highlighted in purple are the short sentences to provoke a fast paced tone. 2. Used dialogue to show that they like each other a lot and to show how serious they were about this conspiracy. I feel I choose appropriate words for the situation such as l was born ready. And Now are you guys still on board?

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Unit 4 Business P7

P7 Outline electronic and non-electronic methods for communicating business in kindation, using examples for different personas of audience. The first type of information that I am focusing on is written information that is on screen, the form of the converse is a PowerPoint mystifyation which is used electronically to present information to members of staff. In Sainsburys they hold meetings regularly and my example of a time is when they had a new product that was coming into their store, the presentation explained the product and how they sewer promote it.This information is internal as it is in the business its self explained to its target audience who atomic number 18 the employees. The non-electronic method that Sainsburys have explained this new product is through posters, they are put onto the notice bill for their target audience that is the customers. The purpose of the electronic and non-electronic methods of this information is to keep customers updated but also the members of staff, the audiences are comfortable for the way that the information is presented to them.The second type of information that I am going to explain is verbal, the form of conversation that is used is face-to-face and DVDs. The target audience for the face-to-face information is the customers, an example of a non-electronic method is in Apple store there is a member of staff who would stand and present themselves to members of the public. Their aim is to sell the product and explain as more information as they possibly can, the advantage of this is that customers can ask questions and they can be answered directly then and there.The electronic method is the DVDs that are handed out to the target audience the employees to watch about the new product that the caller-up has brought out. This sort of communication is suitable for the employees as they can watch the video of the new product as many times as they need to learn more about it. The third type of communicatio n is multimedia, this is an electronic form and the target audience is members of the public. I am going to focus on the ships company Costa that created an reach for their target audience, business men and women.Costa sells various hot and cold drinks to either tease in or take away, the advert is directed to business men and women as in the advert they state, For the hard workers on the go, sit in for a drink or take away covering to the office. The disadvantage that Costa has with their advert is that it costs allot of m wizy, it has a time limit of how much information they can show and the target audience would have to be watching the TV at the time.The non-electronic method is billboards that are shown to the general public, the target audience is then for everyone who is able to buy their drinks, the billboard shows their coffee bean being delicious and puts across a short message to make people buy it. This is a useful way of communication as it attracts all types of pe ople and not just aimed at one sort of person, this would build up the amount of potential customers.

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Improving Organizational Performance Essay

Celsey Evans, of Airdevils, has hired Peter Mal abject, of Dream Team reachs, to mastermind the problems currently existing in and bear upon the Airdevils Company. These problems consist of dissatisfaction among customers, less makes at award ceremonies, a mellow turn everywhere rate, and low occupation satisfaction among employees. Surveys, amongst other factors, determined that think over dissatisfaction is particularly high among the stunt performers. With the stunt performers as the target group of the study, Celsey and Peter will identify the reasons for psychological underpinnings of low job satisfaction in the company. Using needal and carriageal approaches and making adjustments to the core reasons for employee dissatisfaction will help Airdevils brighten up the status that they seem to have lost. Determining the underlying causes, implementing interventions, creating a team for preparing innovating stunts, and reducing stress among employees atomic number 18 the k eys to catapulting Airdevils back to the status it deserves.According to the JDI and JIG (survey) scores for Airdevils employees the stunt performers argon the least satisfied in general, but all of the employees are dissatisfied below acceptable levels in Promotion (infrequencies) and Pay (too low). supervision and Work are also low with stunt performers but higher than good among other employees. If unrivaled were to rely on this information alone, one would determine that pay and promotion needs to be examined and adjusted. upgrade information provided, blogs and profiles, show that there are issues with holier than thou attitudes among E8s, less time at home with family members, low salaries, and drudge routines. After examining these factors one quite a little determine generally that the main cause of low job satisfaction among stunt performers at Airdevils is that the stunts lack exciting challenges. Because the members of Airdevils performing teams were put into hierarcha l positions, they were brandd into specialise stunt routines.This created a to a greater extent rigid organizational structure. * Though the budget does non intromit a perfect overhaul to Celseys organization, many interventions rear end be chosen to be simply delayed. Recommended for the Airdevils straight are allow participation in open competitions, entering in a new cable television of stunts, rotation in industry meets, and offering performance-based incentives in salaries. Allowing performers to perform outside exertion and cross-training are factors that should be considered quickly. After implementation of these interventions there proves to be a marked increase in the companys performance and there is an improvement in job satisfaction. * In the next phase of the reorganization, Celsey wants to create a group of three people to begin preparing innovative stunts for the regular customers of the Airdevils. Should this idea work well, the customers will deal the plans and will want to spend extra money for stunts consultation.In this case, the Airdevils will form a stunts consultancy division. give seven excellent beardidates for this three person team the three chosen by Dream Teamworks for Celseys team are Cari, Charlie, and Alverta because of their combined work experience, enthusiasm for the job, personalities, and high probability of achievement. Applying this decision is successful. The garland of experience, high skill levels, and high emotional stability prove to be an excellent combination to invent a powerful team for the Airdevils. * In the next phase, Dream Teamworks helps Celsey choose what measures should be taken by the Airdevils to knock down stress among the support crewmembers. After considerations of the measures available to the Airdevils those that would most benefit the company and its staff are relaxation training, stress-inoculation training, software training, modifying team structure, offering transportation servic es, establishing a code of conduct, and allowing a flexible work schedule.These are the best measure possible to reduce stress levels among crewmembers. The results are lower absenteeism, less stress, more(prenominal) teamwork, more personal time with family, and a better ability to cope with stressors from work (Britt & Jex, 2008). Absenteeism, turnover, job performance, and counter-productive behavior can be addressed through motivation. Based on the situation illustrated in the simulation the theories of employee motivation that could be used by Celsey and the management team of the Airdevils team to tackle issues are need-based theories, cognitive crop theories, self-determination theory, and job-based theories. A need-based theory such as need for achievement would be an effective place to start. Need-based theories propose that achievement and power are needs evoked by different stimuli in the environment (Britt & Jex, 2008).Maslows need hierarchy does explain that the high er one gets on their hierarchy pyramid, from physiological to self-actualization, the more marrow a person beejaculates. This could explain why Airdevils has a need to reorganize their corporation. Making employees content in more factions of their actives makes more productive employees. ERG is another needs-based theory that could be considered. ERG allows for the possibility that the stunt performers in the Airdevils may be regressing because their needs at the most basic level of their work are not satisfied. They are too concerned with the issues that the they may have with the redundancy of the routines and personality issues. Also, they are not allowed to prove and show their own individuality and true colors and feel as thpugh they are failing to live up to their potential. Need for achievement theory is another that could be considered for this situation. Those who have consistent distinguishing characteristics of persons who have a high need for achievement can describe many of the stunt performers at Airdevils.These characteristics include the temperament to set moderately difficult performance goals, seek feedback, and work long hours because they absorb themselves in work (Britt & Jex, 2008). Goal-setting, Control, and Equity theories and behavioral approaches are just some examples of further applications that can be studied for this case. many a(prenominal) theories could be applied to the Airdevils situation. Should Celsey and Peter go through each of the theories that could be applied to their situation, they may occur that each theory will touch on a subject currently adversely affecting the company and its profits. Through examining them all, they could reach conclusions on correcting behaviors throughout the company. Knowledge of human behavior, cognition, and affect can be used to enhance relationships in the piece of work. Understanding how people interact with each other and why can help management can place people together in team s accordingly.It can also spend a penny the company for behavioral changes among the employees. This knowledge can help solve problems, create stress free workplace environments, and create productive and powerful teams. Employee workplace stressors can be reduced by organizations. By give attention to the results of surveys, blogs written by employees, and general complaints throughout the company any organization can come to understand what particular stressors affect their particular employees. Clear definitions of job titles and descriptions of jobs would assist an organization from having role stressors. Workloads should be studied and divided amongst employees according to ability and pay to alleviate workload stressors. Independent control over their own workloads could be considered. For example, in regard to Airdevils, allowing more team members freedom to decide on adjustments to routines could reduce stress levels there.Alleviating interpersonal conflict by teaming like members together is one way that companies like the Airdevils can control stressors. Reducing organizational constraints is another example. In the case of the Airdevils organizational constraints, they do not allow their employees to participate in open competitions or rotate in industry meets. Releasing these constraints could strengthen the organizations relationships with their employees as well as relieve some of the stressors they face. Perceived control and work-family conflict are further stressors that should be examined. Making adjustments to schedules, pay, and employees behaviors will relieve many organizational conflicts and stressors and benefit the company greatly. Job security, layoffs, mergers and acquisitions are not currently affecting Airdevils but do affect other organizations.Stress management training, adjusting work schedules, providing teleworking options, offering family-friendly benefits, and offering health and fitness programs are further ways that an organization can fleck stress among its employees (Britt & Jex, 2008). Careful consideration of each aspect by the organization will ensure that they can make informed decisions regarding each stressor. After analysis of survey, employee blogs, and paying attention to the behaviors of its employees, Celsey and Peter can make the changes that Airdevils desperately needs to survive and grow.The company has a superb foundation and understands that changes must be make to achieve success. By applying studying and understanding employees behaviors, cognition, and applying relevant theories Dream Teamworks and Airdevils can create a well-heeled work environment for Airdevils employees and will find more satisfied employees, be subject to less turnover, win more awards, and satisfy customers better than they ever have.ReferenceBritt, T. W., & Jex, S. M. (2008). Organizational psychology Ascientist-practitioner approach. (2nd ed.). Hoboken, NJ buttocks Wiley and Sons

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Jonathan Livingstone Seagull Essay

After reading on Jonathan Livingstone seagull, write down reflective range and believe about the meaning and purpose of life. Jonathan Livingston Seagull is about a very independent bird, who dared to unbelief what was being taught and told to him by the elders. He didnt just want to spend his days searching for aliment and hanging out doing what was expected of him. He was different, and dared to dream. He spent his days learning to fly prompt and better than any other gull in the flock.He learned from all of his searching and assay that he could do anything, if he wanted it badly seemly and just went for it, even to the point of suitable an outcast. At one point in time, in so learning and perfecting his craft, he crash land and died, going onto a higher lever of his awareness, to learn to a greater extent lessons from his guide, Fletcher. He continues through the story, becoming more and more proficient in his endeavours and in turn becomes a teacher/guide to others, becom ing a kind and loving soul along the track.Jonathan Livingston Seagull is a bird who wants nothing more than to fly. brocaded in a group of gulls that saw flitting as only a means to an end, Jonathan challenged their way of life by believing that flying could be about more than transportation or acquiring food it could be about joy and happiness and freedom. When told he was irresponsible for trying exceed his expectations Jonathan replied Who is more responsible than a gull who finds and follows a meaning, a higher purpose for life?For a kelvin years we have scrabbled after fish heads and now we have a reason to live to learn, to discover, to be free An outcast from his flock, Jonathan took his exile with a grain of salt, finding joy in his love for evasion and his constant desperate impulse to grow and to learn. He pushes himself to the breaking point and is never satisfied enough with his association and never tires of the quest to obtain more. Bach gives us a character that stands alone with his ideas and beliefs and is rewarded for his sedulousness and courage.The second half of the book shows Jonathan learning so much that he transcends his earthly form into a higher plane of being. Here, Jonathan is met with other gulls who like him, strive for excellence and do not see flying as a means to an end, but simply love to fly for the sake of loving it. This spokesperson begins to reflect a bit of the Buddhist mindset about heaven and a universal knowledge which can seem a bit confusing at first.Jonathan finally returns to his flock on priming coat to try for better or worse to show that there is more to life than what they are try for. This is a fable about the importance of making the most of our lives, even if our goals run contrary to the norms of our flock, people or neighbourhood. Through the metaphor of flight,Jonathans story shows us that, if we follow our dreams, we too can soar. frightening inspiring story of seagulls. It tells us not hing is impossible in this world. You just have to have the desire to achieve it.

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Brave New World Diction Essay

Chapter 3, pages 34-35 Brave New World style Main Day-shift off duty.. I shall make a point of going, said Henry Foster. In chapter 3 of Aldous Huxleys novel Brave New World, many things are revealed about hot the ships company in this novel functions. It shows more than about the work that the people do and how the society functions. Huxley uses repeat and descriptive phrasing to provide a deeper look into the society that is shown in this theodolite. In mavin paragraph, one special(prenominal) raillery helps to clarify the meaning of the repetition of the word whisk.While talking about tale, the Controller states that write up is bunk to the students. In context, bunk is taken to mean nonsense, or unimportant. It serves the authors purpose by revealing more about the society in this race. History is irrelevant to the alphas. The word bunk further helps to explain the diction in the next paragraph of this course. The word whisk is repeated twelve times in one paragraph. It is used to describe how easily history is wiped away and forgotten. It even shows that music and feelings such as honey are gone.The repetition of the word whisk is fundamental in illustrating how insignificant the past is to this society. The authors use of descriptive diction gives further insight about this society. The author uses words and phrases such as tactual, conceptus Store, and Psychology Bureau among many otherwises. This is significant because it illustrates how technologically advanced the society in this passage is. This passage reveals that society has completely disregarded history and advanced in the scientific field.The author uses the word forbidden to describe poetry books and religious books such as the Bible. This further develops the society as a society where feelings evoked by poetry and religious faith are frowned upon. As this passage demonstrates, history and literature have been removed from this society. History and literature are subjects that connect people, and tie them together, but without them, this passage shows that this society is precise advanced in the field of science. This society is clearly appalled by life sentence led by their ancestors.They have effectively gotten rid of history, and any feeling that helps them make lasting connections to other people. Through the use of descriptive diction, the authors purpose of providing insight into this society is fully accomplished. The diction in this passage illustrates how dynamic the society in this novel is. This society revolves around science, and wants nothing to do with the past. This passage provides very important insight into how this society functions, and the structure of the society. The author successfully achieves his purpose through the use of repetition and expressive diction.

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Globalization and Business IT Exam Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Globalization and line IT Exam - Assignment ExampleBusiness to Consumer (B2C) Business to Employees (B2E) and Consumer to Consumer (C2C), the archaic methodology of conducting business line has been redefined. The most striking advancement brought upon by the advancement in selective information technology is the drastic modification in the communication norms. Businesses ar now able to communicate with its internal, external and connected stakeholders more conveniently, thus saving precious time and cost. Internet has played the most heavy(p) part in abridging the distance. By using e-commerce, companies of exclusively types be able to explore new business ventures in the form of new and similar securities industry segments and lucrative business opportunities. Distance in no more a hurdle. Since the internet never sleeps, customers have the privilege of doing transactions 24-hours of the day, 365-days of the year. Bad weather or labor problems volition not prevent the cus tomers from visiting the store and placing their orders. From global perspective, the introduction of electronic information interchange (EDI) has standardized the language of business all across the globe. According the Advantages of EDI, using these industry standards, for transfer data related to commercial transactions, the manufacturer and the supplier are easily and quickly able to shade a business transaction. In order to objectively evaluate the role of information technology for all businesses, its role can be divided into three major aspects which can prove to be lively for any business enterprise Support of its business processes and operations Support of decision making by its employees and managers Supports of its strategies for competitive advantage (OBrien and Marakas 2008) An organization operating in global environment strives to implement the above mentioned traits in its corporate strategy and thus reaping maximum benefits. Multinational organization uses IT i n order to integrate its heterogeneous strategic business processes and operations such as keeping record of purchases and sales, automating the inventory record agreement or maintaining transaction history of the customers in order to forecast their demand in future. IT also provides the managers and those charged with governance several tools which assist them in making apt decisions. These decisions might include the addition or deletion of products from the current product line, what are the projects which are likely to yield positive cash flows in the future and identification of the lucrative investments. In todays world, to obtain a clear strategic advantage over the competitors, a company needs to align its corporate strategy keeping in consideration the information technology requirements. The use of strategic information system has tremendously uplifted the tonus of product and services offered by different companies and have immensely assisted in obtaining competitive advantage. A company can only survive if it develops strategies which are sufficient to counter the prevailing competitive threats in the market. Competitive forces can be analyzed through Porters five forces model which are illustrated in the figure below In todays dynamic market, not only the companies are expending sufficient resources in countering the prevailing rivals in the market, but efforts have also been diverted towards establishing barriers which will stop the new entrants into the market. The internet has created several ways through which new entrants can enter into the market more easily and quickly and with considerably less

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Understanding persuasive speeches Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Understanding persuasive speeches - date ExampleFernandez delivery to convince the audience of his ideas. He conclusively establishes trust and influences the audience using induction and proof to back up his claims. Persuasively, he presents the audience with new ideas, shaping their beliefs, values, and attitudes, causing them to consider his group eventually, an idea that they were not so enthusiastic about initially.The speaker, Fernandez, employs pathos in his delivery, revealing the challenges he encountered small-arm relocating to study in the US. The strategy is in a bid to appeal and relate harmonicalally to other(a) students who might have had similar experiences. In his well-organized sequential presentation, he applies repetition and humor to foster tenseness of crucial points on a light note. He employs hand gestures effectively to aid his visual scatter of the delivery.The main points are well articulated. The introduction is inherent with humor, creating a lig ht moment in revealing himself to the crowd. In the conclusion, he relates with the audiences approval of him presenting his entire team to the stage. The speakers tone is bold and sympathetic with varied volume to reflect the magnitudes of the issues he addresses. Citations are relayed in revelation of challenges he encountered in his relocation.The timbre of the delivery is exceptional according to the standards of persuasive speech. Fernandez speech is effective in recalling the initial subject outlet and systematically presenting himself as viable

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Dicussion 6 Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Dicussion 6 - Article ExampleAnother good tactic is to use truehearted words. mercantile is a strong word. These words supporter the speaker to deliver a powerful language. All of these things help a speaker give a good introduction.The speech chosen is Lyndon B. Johnsons speech on March 26, 1965. This speech was chosen ascribable to the impression left by Johnson during the speech. Johnsons speeches were normally delivered in a monotone of seriousness. He would look at the camera directly, only glancing down occasionally at the paper before him. The speech on March 26, 1965 made an impression due to the emotion bewilder into the speech. The video of this speech has been shown on the history channel, but after researching the Internet only an audio of the speech can be found. The link to the audio speech is http// The speech was given due to the death of Viola Liuzzos murder by the KKK.Johnson gave a strong introduction. He used s trong words like historic, brave, achievements, tragedy, and stain. Johnson grabbed the nations attention by stating his intention to talk about a tragedy and a stain. This makes the audience want to carry on listening to find out what tragedy that Johnson referred to. This speech grabs the nations attention with a riddle that would be revealed in the speech. This is a great speech due to subject matter, introduction, and expressive

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Igor Stravinskys In Memoriam Dylan Thomas as an Avant-garde Music Essay

Igor Stravinskys In Memoriam Dylan Thomas as an van Music - Essay ExampleThough around of Stravinskys compositions were critically regarded by the public, their failure to appeal to a large audience qualifies them to be sort as avant-garde. With his 1953-1954 popular composition, In Memoriam Dylan Thomas among different famous compositions, Stravinskys medical specialtyal philosophy was that euphony was nonhing more than notes while music composition is more of an expression of logic than ones passion. Despite his lack of appeal to the audience, Stravinsky was highly regarded by his fellow musicians as one of the leading melodic composers of his time. This paper seeks to demonstrate that Igor Stravinskys In Memoriam Dylan Thomas qualifies to be categorized as avant-garde music rather than old guard/traditional music. Characteristic features of avant-garde music Avant-garde music is not easily definable since the rules applied in its composition, arrangement and performance ar gon required to differentiate it from the clean music. It is generally believed that avant-garde music exhibits a deviation from the mainstream music. As indicated by Pinson, avant-garde musicians can be distinguished by their freedom to choose a musical comedy style that is different from the mainstream, as come up as their ability and vision to create and organize music outside the limits of the traditional style (146). Avant-garde music is also defined by its originality and innovativeness as opposed to its popularity and appeal to the audience (Pinson 146). Additionally, avant-garde musicians are believed to have a different individualism from that of the traditional musicians, which enables them to incorporate the metaphysical into their style of composition to buckle under an innovative piece (Pinson 146). The musical composition of avant-garde is often linked to the musicians identity or other non-musical aspects such as the musicians philosophies, political ideologies a nd religion. Despite its linkage with other non-music aspects, avant-garde music does not enjoy massive public acceptance since such music may not be accessed by a large audience. Examining Igor Stravinskys musical life and his young plant life Despite his popularity as a musician in the early 20th century, Stravinskys late compositions were relatively ambiguous. As opposed to his earlier compositions, Stravinskys late works were rarely performed on stage, poorly recorded, on a regular basis criticized and poorly comprehended by the audience. The poor reception of Stravinskys late works such as In Memoriam Dylan Thomas is quite ironical to the musicians growing popularity as a musician. It is spare that few, if any, contemporary musicians could parallel Igor Stravinsky in terms of stage performances, influence and music recordings as well as popularity mostly in reference to his early Russian cabarets and neoclassical compositions. The poor reception accorded to Stravinskys lat e works is an unusual deviation from the musicians international popularity. Some aspects about Igor Stravinskys musical and life experiences remain mysterious. Over the years, scholars have struggled, albeit with little success, to understand Stravinskys works due to its delivery use, style and transformation from one genre to another. Further ambiguity can be derived from the musicians personal statements regarding his life, music and the works of his fellow musicians. Though initially believed to be religiously oriented, Stravinsky

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Installation project Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Installation project - Assignment ExampleThe briny purpose for this installation result be to ease the service delivery in the line of businessport make it more comfortable for the travelers departing and those arriving. This will not be just limited to the passengers but all the activities that production place at the airport in general. The project will be meant to monitor movement of air traffic, movement of road traffic to and from the airport, movement of goods within the airport and to an extent the weather conditions at the airport. This breeding will be crucial in reducing the intensity of travelers while at the airport.While proletariat this project, it is important to understand that the area in question is a normal 2D earth shape up that will have to be transformed into a 4D Euclidean surface using the transformation numerical formula. The surface will further be embedded into maps and metrics using the same concepts as those utilise in 4D Euclidean space transform ations.2. A general survey will have to be conducted crossways the airport to determine the general layout and nature of the airport. This will involve picking of data about take in s such as buildings and other structure s available at the airport. This task hatful be carried out by a surveyor or a GIS technician.3. After analyzing the layout of the airport, the site engineer will choose a point at which the giant bear will be installed taking into contemplation the movement of air traffic and passengers and also its proximity to the main travelers

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Business Proposal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Business Proposal - Essay archetypeThe benefits involved with facts of life employees are more than the costs incurred. A variety of prep programs are available, including, employee alteration training, employee orientation, team building training, workplace safety and development training. Many validations view the training accomplish to be a waste of the resources and time of the company. The training is a long process that requires the dedication of the parties involved.Training of the employees of an organization should follow a proper laid out procedure. It should be the responsibility of the watchfulness to plan for this process. The head start step in this process is setting clear goals of the program so that the management can esteem the importance of the training process. Guiding principles that support the values of the company needs formulation. It will help in maintaining the focus of the training group.A strategic training plan should fundamentally highlight the impacts it has on the goals and missions of the organization. The management should support the training process (Adegoke, 2013). After the training, the staff should be involved in a parvenu activity they learnt in the training. The assignment of the new duty will demonstrate that the management is interested in the training program. A measurement of performance of the training process is an important aspect. Professionally monitoring of training and the results evaluated for purposes of establishing, whether they achieved the targeted results, is a vital part of the process.A training budget should exist, according to the time schedule the process is expected to extend. Proper utilization of the resources of the business is necessary, and assessment of the utilization of the finances used in training is mandatory.The assigned period will depend on the technology used and the specific workplace. Time is an

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Causal Argument, Nouri Al-Maliki Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Causal Argument, Nouri Al-Maliki - hear Exampleminister has a lot of support for him but there is an equal number of mountain who are against him and now raising their voices against the decisions taken by him. Mr. Maliki was elected as the prime minister of Iraq subsequently the end of Saddam Husains regime by US. The reason of electing him as the Pm of the dry land and selecting a person as the speaker of parliament from another sect was to create a disposal that is represented by all. But, the decisions of the PM just when the American armies were leaving the country for a better advanced have once again elevated questions on the future of the country and its people. The main question raised by the people of Iraq and many international authorities is Are the actions of Prime parson slip bying Iraq to a civil war?It was on the eve of celebrating a free Iraq when the three main leaders of the contend party were house arrested on the orders of the prime ministers. The charg es on them were of aggravating terrorism in the country. The charges on them looked comical and although confessed by them on national tv they were proved to be manipulated and the confession was also proved to be due to torture. When all these charges were proved wrong, a large question arose on this action of Mr. Maliki that what was the need of such an abrupt action the main leaders of his opposing party when the country is still trying to perk up out of a major crisis. The leaders were of iraqqiya Coalition and also the current Vice President, Finance Minister and Deputy prime Minister. The iraqqiya coalition is an important of the country and the vice president Tariq al Hashmi also took more than votes than the prime minister in the elections of 2010. This action of the prime minister against three important politicians of the country could lead to the instability of the government and surely the country to a civil war.As we all have been find that after the American army left Iraq, a series of bombings has started in many important cities

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Marketing Planning and Strategy (The buying process)1 Assignment

marketing Planning and Strategy (The buying process)1 - Assignment Exampled to be more efficient and ethereal if portrayed in the best stages possible, since it reaches every person with an interest in the commodity through a series of websites. Critically, the following research shall evaluate the buying process of an eBook from the bring up Store, an online computer application in order to have an advantage in the selling process.Buyers in the contemporary society are probably to seek different solutions including the purchase of books through the online media. Since the business world is expanding, and a very demanding environment is cosmos created for a more improved mechanism of controlling stocks, movement of sales, purchases, and coordination of the petty transactions, businesses have opted for online marketing (Davis, 2011). The Kindle Store management should be strategic to ensure that buyers perceive the presented eBooks as the most appropriate point of intersections to mould their problems. The practice is common in online retail stores where the technological need is for the entity to be efficient and effective in terms of performance. Critically, the online Kindle model of selling should clearly indicate the need that can only be met by facilitation of Kindle computer applications in order to create attractiveness and influence decision-making by consumers to the product (Zoltners et al. 2004).The online customers need a lot of knowledge about the Kindle products, in order to make decisions in buying the available eBooks. The process entails the evaluation of the positive advantages of the eBook products, which will enable the customer to decide on whether to buy the products or not to buy while still comparing the eBooks to the available alternatives. However, when a marketer is using a online marketing strategy to enhance the buying process, he should disclose all the information pertaining the effects of using computerized approaches as a way of ensuring efficiency, transparency, and accuracy (Sabri, Gupta, & Beitler, 2007).

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Macro-environment challenges of Tesco Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Macro-environment challenges of Tesco - Essay manikinTesco launched the different programs to ensure customer satisfaction, and loyalty. During 2006/07, Tescolaunched their Fruit and Veg Pledge - they offered at least five fresh harvest-feast and veget fit products at half price every week during the whole of the year extended their roll up ofwhole foods to include an even wider choice of pulses, beans, dried fruit and nuts, breads, oils, cereal bars, breakfast cereals and cooking oils posted nutritional signpost labelson 6,600 of their own-brand products, making it easier for customers to understand, and ispractical to use made organic products more affordable, selling them alongside the standard ranges, on the same shelves, instead of in a separate section increased a range of place non-food products to make setting up home cheaperhalved the price of energy-efficient light bulbs making them even more cost-effective than traditional light bulbs over their life-spanoffered a rang e of Healthy Living non-food fitness equipment such as skipping ropes, pedometers, exercise bikes and rowing machines to make keeping fit more affordable. Some of the details employed by Tesco on the aspect of effective communication with the customersTesco listens to pack - It is the largest private sector employer in the UK with over 260,000 staff. The people make Tesco a success and their feedback is very valuable.Tesco listens to suppliers - it takes a partnership approach and believes that open and constructive relationships with suppliers ar key to a strong and sustainable supply chain. Tesco listens to communities - Tesco aims to improve the way they consult local communities to begin with building new stores so that they can be sure that they have understood local issues and concerns. (Tesco website)Scenario readinessTescos... Tescos share data sometime showed that there was a sharp increase in the gross sales of flowers and wine for one week at the start of the summer. An analysis of their Clubcard data showed that the majority of customers buying these items were families with prepare age children. Parents were buying these products for their children to take to shoal and give to their teacher at the end of term. With this conclusion, Tesco people were able to ensure that there was a plentiful supply of flowers and wine in their stores at the end of the school term. Using external research, they found an opportunity to improve the range. The research told them of a rapidly growing charter for glossiness & Eastern European products and their growing number of excellent round out staff helped confirm their beliefs. As a result of this, they appointed one of their Polish executives who began by listening to customers and held their first ever Polish Customer Question Time (in the Polish language) to find out which kinds of products their customers would like to buy. After talking to Polish customers, they finalized their product selection then sourced the products from a new supplier.Tesco has implemented the in-store TV network in its stores, which is cognise as the TESCO TV. Various programs are shown like news and entertainment, as well as promotional entropy on both Tescos own products and suppliers branded products. The suppliers pay to promote their products on TESCO TV as with any advertising medium.

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Codfish market Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Codfish trade - Essay Example in that respect has been a decline in the production of cod from the staggering 810,000 in 1968 to the 750,000 of 2008. The pricing per block of codfish has increased over that period because of the decreased supply of cod fish in the market.4. Based on the (limited) information available in the posted sources, and your general economic knowledge, what factors have probably shifted the contend (curve) for cod, up or down, between 1968 and 2008?The demand of cod has been affected by the Canadian government policy on its production. The 1992 ban that closed the Northeast fishing beds affected the availability of cod in the fish market ultimately becoming inexistent until two decades later.5. Based on the data in Figure 3 in the 1973 article, identify years in which the demand for cod must(prenominal) have shifted (compared to the year before) and which way it must have shifted. Looking at the entire twelve-year period, rather than year-by-year, is it c lear what happened to demand between 1960 and 1971?The years where demand shifted include 1960-1962 the demanded of cod shifted upwards. From 1963-1965 the demand shifted upwards while 1965-1967 the demand shifted downwards. From 1969-1971 the demand for cod shifted upwards.Newfoundland, in 1968, produced 810, 000 metric unit tons of Atlantic cod. This figure represents the worlds total of cod at the time. The area produced nose candy% of all the Atlantic cod in the world. In 1992, Newfoundland produced almost zero metric tons of Atlantic cod.7. One normally expects a competitive market to generate efficient levels of production. Do you think Canadian cod production was efficient from 1948-68? If a single firm had owned exclusive rights to the fishing grounds, wherefore would this have likely led to the same or different levels of production? Would that solution have been more than or less efficient? Which market failure(s) apply to this

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Art history research paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Art register - Research Paper ExampleVarious artworks came up as a result of colonization, particularly reclaim around the judgment of conviction when Europe took recreate in colonization. One particular artwork that peaked my interest is that of The Wo custody of Algiers in their Apartment by a French artist called Eugene Delacroix. Laurel Ma wrote an article about this painting. Eugene Delacroix was a popular French artist whose artwork was hailed all over Europe. Therefore it didnt bob up as a surprise when the state of France decided to tag him along on a diplomatical mission to North Africa just two years since Algiers was invaded. This was around the time Delacroix drew the painting of The Women of Algiers in their Apartment in 1834. The timing that the painting came out, which is also the time the French went to Algiers, is suspicious and rightfully so. It tends to drop mangle some light on the imperialist intentions that the French had towards Algiers. Most paintings by the Orientalists were prejudiced against the Orients in such a focus as to incite the Westerners to colonize them in the name of doing them a favor. Most of it revolved around sex in particular. The Orientalists would draw paintings with naked women in them as if waiting for the European men to come and save them from the supposed tyranny of their husbands. Of course, a great deal of this work was more of liking than reality. All the more reason why Delacroixs work received major applause as it was seen to be more authentic and the fact that it contains aspects that make it seem both imaginative and real caught a lot of peoples attention. The Women of Algiers in their Apartment clearly shows the lifestyle of the people of North Africa. The women oftentimes stayed in their harem, which is a sacred place restricted only to the women and their husband. No another(prenominal) person other than the servants was allowed in the harem. Delacroix draws a harem with three women in it along with one black servant woman holding the curtain. Contrary to popular belief as depicted by the works of other Orientalists, the women in this painting do not in any way suggest any sexual intentions. This came as a confusion to many as people were used to paintings with naked women obviously arousing and inviting the sexual desires off those who saw it. In other words, the regular paintings were demeaning to the cultures and values of the people in the East. In Delacroixs painting the women are fully clothed, almost in a way to suggest that they are overdressed. This could be seen as the painters way of proving a point, trying to atone for the mistakes off his fellow artists by clearly stating that the women in the Orients were respectable and were not to e objectified sexually. The painting doesnt show women yearning or the presence of a man, rather they are comfortable and content with the current situation where they have time to themselves. The room in the painting is la vished with oriental objects such as glass vases and various patterns on the furniture that relate to the style associated with Orients. There is a servant drawing a curtain. This is to depict the dramatic way in which the harem is unveiled for the authorized Muslim male but now in the painting, the coloniser gets a glance of what he shouldnt see. The women in the painting are covered in blankets to suffer the stereotype that suggests

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go steady PLAN FOR ORGANISATION OF MUSIC FESTIVAL - Essay ExampleBy undertaking such a report, I would earn income and gain more experience in my field, while my client would be satisfactory to get professional guidance on how to carry out the music festival pop out. At the identical time, other stakeholders would benefit by getting a good grasp of the role they need to hearten to make the advise a success. This would subsequently guide them in the future and avoid the hurdles of development a new suffer plan each time a new project musical theme is conceived and due for implementation.The purpose of this paper has several parts. The goal is to develop the objectives, background knowledge, and exit breakdown structure for the project develop the logic of the project to the lowest level possible and illustrate this in diagrammatic mental strain detail the squad structure and responsibilities that are deemed appropriate for the project, including how the client structures their team to interact with the project team, and coif the types of contracts that would be implemented for the various sub-contractors involved in the project.The objective of this project is to develop a project plan for the organization for a one day music festival to be held in Greenwich Park. ... affection of the work to be performedScheduling of work packagesManage resource availabilityCreate the budget ruffle the schedule and the budgetIdentify key performance indicatorsIdentify critical success factorsScopeFor the scope of this project, it is being undertaken for a target audience of 5,000 people. In addition to this, the plan is being developed for the musical festival to take place one month from today. Work Breakdown Structure of the ProjectThe work structure is divided up into five different groups, each of the groups being composed of two team members that are accountable for the actions described herein. The six teams in the work breakdown structure are hall, music ians, finance, logistics, and sentry go and security.One of the five teams is hall. Underneath hall falls renting the hall and coordinating the hall scheme and decoration. This is a very important step as the initial appearance of the location when project attendees number one walk in the door will have a lot to do with the success of the project and whether or not a favorable first impression is created. First impressions last a desire time.The second team is musicians. The work to be performed by this group includes contacting and contracting with musicians and promoting the festival. They are also amenable for contracting for ticket sales, and printing and distribution of tickets for sale. The third team is finance. This team is trusty for drafting a budget for the festival and performing a cost benefit analysis of the festival. They are also responsible for arranging and conducting a meeting of the budget and organizing committee, and budget study and approval. The fourth team is logistics. This team is responsible for